The Essentials…

With your first pregnancy, the moment you see that double line – you want to hit the maternity rails and embrace everything there is to being pregnant. You probably don’t even need maternity clothes until you are 18 weeks but who cares, your pregnant and you deserve a new wardrobe! However… by 39 weeks you will want to burn every single maternity item you own… I have discovered there is only one reason for this, you don’t buy enough. It’s hard to justify buying this new wardrobe when you think “but i’ll only be wearing it a few months” Ladies wake up – when have you ever bought any item of clothing with the intention of wearing it for longer than a few months!? If you do want to justify the splurge on clothes these lines helped me – “If I buy them early I’ll get more wear out of them”, “It’s not like I have a choice, nothing else fits?”, “I’ll save them for my next pregnancy!”, “I THROW UP EVERY DAM MORNING – I DESERVE IT”.

I have scoured the web and the high street and would like to share my tips on this seasons bare essentials you need to look stylish throughout your pregnancy, check these out:

Skinny jeans – finding the perfect pair is hard when you aren’t pregnant, but when you find them, they can make the difference to your entire wardrobe – don’t underestimate the maternity jeans… In my experience, you can’t beat GAP – they keep their shape, the maternity waist is beyond comfortable and they’ll be able to keep you inline when you start gaining those slightly unnecessary pounds!

The waterfall cardigan – This will see you through your entire pregnancy and is a fantastic item for when breast feeding after. The draped fabric gives such a flattering shape and will compliment any legging/top combo. Isabella Oliver do a  beautiful range but they aren’t cheap… The beauty of a waterfall cardigan is that they’re worn open, so a non maternity option will be fine and probably cheaper!

Classic Tees – Ruched sides are the most flattering, try layering with long white vests underneath, this is a tip from the stylists I have met on fashion shoots – it gives a better silhouette and adds an overall more styled feel to your outfit.

The Maxis – The biggest style cheat around, so long as the hem reaches the floor – whatever the print, you cant help but look stylish! And when you start getting bigger, you won’t want to be in anything else… I have stocked up on Maxi’s this time round and the best I have found are in the new maternity range in New Look, they are the best jersey fabric and don’t lose their shape and start from £19.99! Accesorise with a long necklace and a 3/4 length cardi for cooler nights.

The LBD – It’s always the way when you are pregnant and can’t drink, it’s party after party! Invest in one classic LBD, you’ll be
surprised how much wear you get out of it! I chose the Isabella Oliver ruched, cowell neck and it is the only item I have carried across from my last pregnancy. Seraphine and Tiffany Rose also do some lovely evening dresses but keep them simple so that you can accessorise appropriately for different events.

A Scarf – You will find most of your classic tees are stripy – it just works out that way! Get a floral or spotty lightweight scarf to drape around your neck for instant chic style. Oasis do a fab selection.

The Skinny Belt – to be worn above or below your bump to accentuate your shape and give you a slimmer waist line (albeit the waist is now somewhere under your arms but if its there – show it off!)

Shock Absorbers – This is better then any maternity bra, it offers better support and gives a far more uplifting look so invest early!


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