Beauty Cheats!

Some of you lucky souls will be experiencing that “maternal glow” we all read about and envy, but if your pregnancy is going anything like mine you will be chucking up at least once a day, be in desperate need of an afternoon nap (try telling that to a 1yr old), have greasier hair than usual and enjoy regular breakouts in spots! Well, thanks to my years working on the L’Oreal account, I spent endless hours studying and educating the masses on how you and I can get Cheryl’s style, Doutzon’s glow, Beyonce’s drama and Cruz’s smoky eyes… I was lucky enough to work very closely with Anna-Marie Solowij, the former Beauty Editor of Vogue and can now share with you a few simple tips to make you look and feel a million dollars however you’re feeling and however little time you have!

First of all – Nails… I must be the only female on the planet to have only just discovered Gelish nails but now that I have there is no going back. Shop around, there is a small nail parlour local to everyone these days and some will charge as little as £15 for this treatment – the colour stays for approx 2 weeks with no chipping. Manicured hands give such an overall polished look and often the first thing people notice so make the time! If a trip to the parlour is totally unachievable, treat yourself to some bright summer coloured nail varnishes and remember to use base and top coats for a longer lasting finish and shape your nails to be short and slightly square to elongate fingers.

Face – cheat the maternal glow with some bronzer, I use Tan de Soleil by Chanel and its incredible, it’s neither a powder or a liquid, its more like a clay but it lasts all day and gives a very natural tan. If you have time for foundation, try the L’Oreal Brush Infallible, it takes some practice but when you master it – the finish is incredibly natural and it takes no time at all to apply.

Eyes – In case you don’t have the time or just can’t be bothered, just a lick of mascara on the tips of your lashes will open your eyes and make you look far more fresh faced. For a dramatic look – Dior is the best, but again, I am a sucker for L’Oreal Paris for day time make up. I’m using Telescopic at the moment and its great for lengthening.

Lips – just a simple swipe of gloss will complete your look, carry it around at all times! A recent survey was carried out by the TOWIE girls and the winner was the new YSL gloss, I haven’t tried it yet but it is next on my list!

These are my top tips that should take no more than 2 minutes to complete but can make the difference to how you feel when you are out, I for one like to put my lipstick on even when I am feeling ill at home watching the TV, my husband thinks it’s ridiculous but it really can make me feel nicer! I will save the more detailed beauty tips for another blog, how to contour and sculpt, the best primers to use for a photo finish and how to achieve a fuller pout! For now, go brush your hair… you’ll feel better 🙂


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