Behind the Scenes at the Fitta Mamma shoot

Last week I was asked to model a maternity sportswear range brought out by new brand Fitta Mamma. After being talked through the technology involved in the design of the garments, it was off to work for me. To demonstrate the versatility of the range, I was cycling, running, walking, even doing yoga! I have to say, although I do believe that if put in use the items will indeed offer invaluable support to back, bump and boobs, they look fabulous which is why I am recommending this brand to you (this is a fashion and beauty blog after all!).

They were also incredibly comfortable and even if like me, you give up sport as soon as that pregnancy excuse is viable, they are great for down time and are designed to help improve posture and relieve pressure whilst looking incredibly stylish!

Each item, has been carefully designed to accentuate and flatter the pregnant form with  nice lines, ruched sides and strategic stitching. I would suggest going smaller when selecting the sizes as they do come up pretty big but they will grow with you so invest early!

Fitta Mamma debut at the Baby Show in Manchester on 31st August until 2nd September, around the same time you will see me on the website modelling the clothes! They will be available to buy direct so I will keep you posted…


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