The Pregnant Bride… Oooo Errrr!

Me – “Mum, Dad, we’re having a baby…”

Dad – “But you’re not married!!” In a high pitched voice followed by a nervous laugh, a roomful of open mouths and eventually – plenty of congratulations!

Anybody else had the pleasure of this conversation?! If you come from quite traditional backgrounds as Paul and I do, then breaking this news to your family isn’t easy! As we’d been together 4 years already, we decided to hold off on our wedding until after we’d had Scarlett (mainly because I refused to be a waddling bride) so a date was chosen based on a realistic time scale of getting my figure back and stopping breast feeding… You can imagine our shock to discover just 10 weeks before the wedding – I was 3 weeks pregnant again!! Now to break this one to the fam…

These days I’m pleased to say that the pregnant bride is becoming more and more common and far less of a taboo. I think that celebrities such as Reese Witherspoon, Jessica Alba, Heidi Klum and Lilly Allen who walked proudly to the alter holding their bumps, highlighted to the rest of us that it’s nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, a lot of our generation of celebrities don’t even seem to be bothering with the marriage part – look at Sienna Miller and Adele! And although the financial side of a wedding probably isn’t a concern of theirs, it is for a lot of people, and our priorities for how to spend that money are changing.

Having our 1 year old be the first to walk down the aisle and my husband to announce our new addition arriving in December in his grooms speech, made the day even more special for us. I’m sure everyone who has had this experience will tell you the same. With this in mind – the bridal industry have had to keep up with demands of the pregnant bride.

I was fortunate enough to still fit in to my custom made dress whereby my only criteria was “I want to look tiny, I don’t need to be comfortable – it’s only one day”. (In the 32 degrees evening heat of Mykonos, I would come to regret this…) My dress was designed for one thing only – to be photographed, not to sit in, to walk in, especially not to dance in, and was actually not particularly easy to breath in. But I felt a million dollars. My bridesmaids wore Coast and Monsoon, and the groom wore a summer 3 piece suit by The Kooples. (You know how these low key events get out of hand…)

When I discovered I was pregnant, I hit the internet to prepare myself for maternity wedding dresses for just in case I was much bigger second time around and was pleasantly surprised with what I found – it wasn’t a disaster after all! (Although I was still devastated at having to stay sober at my hen party…)

This was on my ‘back up emergency list’ from Tiffany Rose…


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