Say Bye Bye to the Mulberry and Hello to the Nappy Bag!

So are you ‘bags’ or ‘shoes’? Every woman fits in to one of these categories, luckily for me I am ‘bags’ because the choice of shoes with fat ankles and aching hips followed by years of chasing your toddler around muddy parks is considerably less! If you are shoes, its probably best to accept now that you are going to be in ballet pumps, Ugg boots or Converse for the next 3 years. But if you are bags – I am pleased to say you are in luck! There are some fabulous nappy bags out there, which is just as well as from here on – your nappy bag will be your one constant accessory wherever you go!

There is a lot to consider when choosing the perfect nappy bag, here are a few questions you must ask yourself…

Does it go with my pram?

Will it go with the majority of my shoes?

Is it going to see me through at least 4 seasons?

O yes – and of course, how practical is it?

I was under the silly illusion that I would use my Bayswater which I thought would be plenty big enough, and just use my Anya Hindmarch Emergency Baby Kit that would fit nicely inside it! DREAM ON… You thought you carried a lot around with you before you had a baby? All I can say is thank god for the mummy clip so you don’t have to physically carry the bag around and instead it can clip nicely on to your pram (these are available at JoJo Maman Bebe and are essential!). I have put in some extensive research based on my own experiences and what is available in the shops today and in my opinion the below are some of the most stylish around.

My personal favourite are Storksak bags, I have the Elizabeth leather and can’t rate it enough! But this was obviously bought over a year ago and since then they have bought out the Isabella…

A friend of mine has a SugarJack which is gorgeous and once you are finished with it as a baby bag you can take out the inside pockets to use as an everyday bag which is big enough to fit in your work laptop.

Pacapod are for the seriously organised… the designs are genius – I love this weekend bag. They do a fab range of everyday bags and won’t look out of place on dad so they should feel slightly happier carrying it around!

And finally, you can’t go wrong with Cath Kidston, their changing bags look beautiful hanging off your pram. The only thing I would say against these bags are the changing mats are so huge they take up all the space in the nappy bag so you would probably want to keep the CK one at home and take out a smaller mat.

My one tip would be to go for neutral or toned down colours as opposed to brights or blacks, these shades tend to work with most outfits and will see you through summer and winter.


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