The Baby Show!

So I have just about recovered from a very productive day at The Baby Show in Earls Court on Friday. With my press pass in hand (bloggers privilege!) I went straight to the British Red Cross stand where I was invited to take part in a First Aid Challenge. I am ashamed to say this was something I did not do when I had Scarlett, but it is just so essential to know the basics even if you don’t have a baby and I feel much more confident knowing that should the situation arise, I have a clue what to do! They covered the most common dangers – choking, re-suss and burns, we all probably have a vague idea what to do, but perhaps not the confidence to use that knowledge if needs be. The British Red Cross offer an extensive course in first aid, but honestly, if you do nothing else, please check out this site – even if you only learn one thing that you didn’t know, it could make all the difference!

Here is me practising my re-suss for toddlers!

Also attending the British Red Cross event was Stacy Solomon with her gorgeous baby boy, dressed head to toe in Burberry which incidentally matched her nappy bag that was draped over the brand new and very stylish I-Move buggy by Chicco. I was particularly excited by this, not because she was my favourite X Factor contestant of series 6, but because I too am expecting to receive the I-Move buggy for review so it was great to see it in action!

The rest of the show was great, not as cheap as I had hoped, but you know how you get sucked in at these events? And quite frankly the baby pink ear defenders for bonfire night by Banz were essential for Scarlett. As was the new Croc baby backpack. And a baby ballet tutu…

Wondering around I came across the FittaMamma stand where I was hugely excited to see flyers being handed out with my photo as the main image!

The stand seemed a huge success and I am pleased to say the website is complete and all items ready for sale, check out or click on the image below to see the full range of beautiful sport maternity wear (and to see me modelling it!!).

I picked up some great gift ideas for expecting mums and children that I’ll share with you in the gifts post coming up!


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