The Pram… The Ultimate Accessory

You have got to love your pram, you’ll be walking with this more than driving in your car and they are just too expensive to get wrong! I suggest finding the biggest pram retailer you can, and sampling as many as possible to find your perfect fit. John Lewis always do a big selection and I will always advise buying from a department store as opposed to an independent retailer when making a big purchase like this. Don’t leave it too late in to your pregnancy either, I was huge when we bought our first pram so my husband did all the testing – it would appear his idea and my idea of a “lightweight pram” are rather different…

I went for the most stylish pram I could get my hands on, and I still vouch that this is one of the best looking prams you can get, however… it was so heavy, I used to dread getting it in and out of the car! But if weight isn’t a huge concern of yours then it is still a pram I would recommend. It also goes into a double buggy for if you are planning on another little addition to your family quite soon! 

As soon as the iCandy Strawberry came out, I had to get it – it looks as good as the Peach but is lighter – perfect! This one doesn’t go into a double however and unless you are due quite late in to next year I would probably rule it out as there are production problems at iCandy meaning they can’t keep up with the demands on this pram and won’t even give a date it will be available! Still, it looks great. The one negative is the collapse mechanism, it’s one of those that requires “the nack” and when lending to grandparents could result in them being stuck outside M&S waiting for someone with a similar pram to lend a hand! Sorry mum!

The Chicco i-Move is brand new to their collection and the first pram they have bought out that ticks all the style boxes, they have a fab bundle offer that contains absolutely everything you could need including the bassinet and car seat, as well as a gorgeous foot muff and a really handy changing bag! (Which if you already have your Storksak on order is great to give to your mum for when she is babysitting!) You can also get a board for a toddler to stand on whilst you push your baby around which I know Scarlett is going to love for shorter walks. The only downside I can see at this point is the teeny basket at the bottom, but this is nothing that a mummy handle and a large Anya Hindmarch shopper can’t solve! Check out this video review from Which? it really is this simple and light weight!

I didn’t like the Bugaboo when I first started my search but I have to say, since they have blacked the wheels and brought out even more colour ways I think they look great! Since sampling at The Baby Show I can also say they are very lightweight and extremely practical so definitely a strong contender to consider. Love this limited edition available at John Lewis!

You don’t really want to take your precious pram on holiday with you, not just because sand is an absolute killer and you will never get rid of every last grain, but because they are likely to come out of the plane with small but essential parts missing! I would suggest investing in a Micralite buggy, the ultimate in easy!

The Mini City Jogger is my pram of choice for a double buggy, I’m not going to lie, my absolute main criteria when double buggy shopping was the width and for this I didn’t care if it fits through doors – I need to know how  I am going to get around the shops!? Anyway, this seems to tick the boxes, looks good, lightweight and narrow enough. I’m not a fan of the double buggies that make you choose your favourite child to put on top so seating them next to each other should prevent future tantrums!



If you know of any others that you might like to recommend please add them to the comments below for others to check out when on their search! Recommendations are the absolute best way to shop when looking for anything baby related! You can click on any of the images above to get further info.

TIP – Try to avoid total black if possible, it shows up all the sticky finger marks that are inevitable! Also, find the cheapest you can online and ask any major department store if they will price match. 




4 thoughts on “The Pram… The Ultimate Accessory

  1. I love love my stokke xplory! Everyone said you’ll ditch your travel system for a stroller but I still use my xplory everyday. It’s lighter than a stroller and you can push it with 1 finger! (That’s not recommended for safety ha ha) with a almost 2 year old and shopping.
    It’s such a breeze to push around and I get comments about how great it is that baby is soo high up.
    When out and about at the shops Eva is able to put purchases on the counter and have a conversation with the counter staff. We chat away with out me having to bend down or shout at her for her to hear me.
    Yes it’s not an off road pushchair, you wouldn’t want to get it dirty going over fields etc for walks but its a town pushchair and that’s alright for me. Yes it’s not got a built in basket and yes you have to take the foot rest off sometime when taking down but hay its gorgeous, different than most people’s and means Eva loves being in it!…
    Well …. Most of the time.


  2. I definitely recommend the Bugaboo. So easy to push even 1 handed which with 2 munchkins is very important. The extending handlebar is great especially with the buggy board. It was even fantastic in the snow and there were not many mums I saw out and about in the snow with anything other than the Bugaboo. Also Bugaboo customer service has been amazing even when we had to replace the base due to a fault they replaced it instantly no quibbles. Also after having filled the basket too full with my grocery shopping causing it to split they sent me a new basket free of charge and again no quibble even though it was my own fault.


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