Beautiful Baby Gifts

Choosing and receiving beautiful baby gifts is just such a special experience, I can honestly say that every gift we received for Scarlett was truly treasured – I had no idea such fabulous gifts even existed! And even the things that she was too young to appreciate or enjoy at the time have since been played with or worn. Needless to say, it was the ‘mums’ that knew exactly what gifts would be most loved… I wanted to share with you some of my favourite gifts that we received and tell you about some wonderful new products perfect for any new mum or new born baby. (Don’t forget you can click on any of the images to get further information!)

Baby Blooms, are in my opinion the best in their field at what they do, they create beautiful hand crafted flower bouquets made of baby clothes and accessories! Simply wonderful and available in lots of various designs that cater for all budgets. They are such a work of art you won’t want to pull it apart to make use of the all the items! What sets this brand apart is the quality of the actual baby products.

Cath Kidston do some fantastic little booty bundles that come with a matching dribble bib. Sadly this is something you can’t buy unless you know the sex of the baby as they don’t have a unisex range, but the boots are just great, they stay on better than any other baby shoes and will keep there tiny little feet warm!

The Little White company do a lovely range of grow bags for when your baby gets a little bit older. I don’t recommend using these straight from new born unless they have been approved by the BSI, they can sometimes be too heavy or big around the arms so tiny babies can get caught up in them but they are absolutely essential in a few months time for when they get that little bit bigger and start kicking the blankets off!

After a brilliant meeting with Merino Kids, I have discovered their fabulous organic skincare range which include rejuvenating oil, soothing balm and delicate moisturiser, to me they all just come under the umbrella of miracle lotions so I couldn’t even advise you which to use for what, they are just gorgeous and natural and can be used on both mum and baby on even the most sensitive skin. I have already used some of the balm on Scarlett’s tiny patches of baby eczema, it is also recommended for nappy rash and any other skin irritations as well as stretch marks for mum!  They smell divine, absorb easily and every mum will appreciate this gift!

Another product by Merino Kids which makes for a very, VERY special gift is their iconic Cocooi. It is a very unique swaddle wrap for new borns which help them to sleep, the design and fabric have been totally considered for the ultimate in comfort and luxury for the baby with safety at the forefront of every aspect. I had one with Scarlett and I really believe that the calming effect this particular swaddle wrap had on her was a major contribution to her sleeping through the night at just 4 weeks! There is so much more to tell you about this brand that it will take an entirely separate post that I will put together in the coming weeks, needless to say since sampling their products, I am a major fan and honestly can’t recommend enough.

Another essential item that could make all the difference to sleepless nights is a comforter, Jelly Kitten do some gorgeous little cuddlies, Kaloo make for a very special gift presented in a gorgeous box but we just love the JoJo range, so soft and babies seems to particularly love chewing on the knotted arms and feet making this collection of farm animals perfect!

When it comes to clothes, everyone will tell you – don’t spend a fortune, they are in it for 5 minutes before they have either grown out of it or ruined it with sick… this is all quite true, but also totally irrelevant when it comes to gifts! My favourite new born clothes came from Ralph Lauren and Baby Joules, both come up quite small so it is best to go for 0 – 3 as opposed to new born. For babies first collection of luxury sleep suits (which they wear all day!) you can not beat JoJo Maman Bébé, the fabric is just so soft and the unisex range are gorgeous, my favourite are the little ducks and this little grow is already in the hospital bag!

Please share any fabulous gifts that you received or know of!


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