It’s Almost Time!

39 weeks at The MayFair Hotel

39 weeks at The MayFair Hotel

So with 1 week left until the official D Date it’s time to go through my checklist and make sure that all boxes are ticked… I won’t bore you by including necessities such as breast pads, disposable pants and arnica tablets, this is all covered in your official hospital bag prep – probably supplied to you by your NCT teacher, (if not you can download this online here), instead, I wanted to share with you a few of my own essentials that I have prepared and learnt from last time!

So first of all, make sure the hospital bag is packed. Break this down in to a list for you and a list for baby, you don’t want to over fill and take anything that won’t be used on the day. These are my bare beauty essentials…


For me:

  • Liz Earle Botanical shower gel (it’s incredibly gentle and the only stuff I’ll be using after!)


  • My sample pot of Lancome Teint Miracle foundation to even out the sweaty red face I’ll have in the photos!


  • Liz Earle Smudge Proof mascara for a quick swipe before the visitors arrive!
  • My new Chanel hydrating lippy, the gloss will freshen your whole face!

(I took my whole make up bag last time, needless to say it didnt make it out the bag so be realistic about what you will actually be bothered to do!)

  • You can get disposable pants, but quite frankly the thought of them depress me, it’s undignified enough as it is so grab a 5 pack of black minis in M&S for £7 instead, you’ll be pleased you did!
  • I took a beautiful nursing nightdress last time for the first night, forget it – not worth it, go get yourself a nice pair of comfy PJs, you’ll be pleased you have something new on and you can save spending money on nicer nightwear a little later down the line.
  • I’ll go in to more detail in whats “Best for Breast Feeding” in a later post, but make sure you have a good nursing bra with you – Emma Jane are the best.
  • Go for a flattering pair of yoga pants and comfy loose top for going home. Yoga pants beat any other casual bottoms because they offer support around the waist and are just that little bit more feminine. I’ve just bought a pair by Pineapple from Amazon, but depending on budget – Sweaty Betty do a great range!
Warrior Yoga Pant, the roll down waist band is ideal...

Warrior Yoga Pant, the roll down waist band is ideal…

There is an alternative… In the comfort charts they are at number 1 – but not to everyone’s taste and style… The original Onesie by OnePiece – hey even Eva Longoria has been seen in one of these!


For Baby:

  • A little bamboo muslin as recommended by Jemma in the last post! They really are the softest.


  • A snuggly blanket, although I am ashamed to say this is one that Scarlett was bought home in, I didn’t want to buy the official baby blanket until we know if this baby is blue or pink!
  • I have 2 baby grows washed and packed for the babies first photos, the first is the gorgeous little duck grow from JoJo and the second is the classic Welcome to the World wrap grow from Mamas and Papas, both are so soft and ideal for if you don’t know the sex.

Screen Shot 2012-12-03 at 10.12.53

  • My Merino Cocooi is packed along with the matching hat, if you are going to swaddle your baby it’s best to get started straight away! The luxurious fabric is not only intelligent enough to prevent any over heating or getting cold, the natural stretch will give your baby a far more “home from home” feeling even when firmly wrapped which should help your baby feel more secure in its new environment.

Screen Shot 2012-12-03 at 10.27.56

Home prep:

Once the bag is packed, it’s time to focus on preparing you… I don’t mean listening to your hypno birth CD, I mean beauty…

Get the gel mani and pedi booked, go for a bright and happy colour and keep your nails short and squoval (squared but oval).

If your roots need doing, get them done quick! I look back at all my old photos and get really annoyed about this beauty over site!

You might be quite sick of your maternity clothes by now, so make sure you have a comfortable outfit waiting for you when you get home and start planning your wardrobe. Be realistic, your favourite pair of skinnies are probably out of the picture for a little while longer  and you don’t want a new wardrobe for this inter period, so just get some lovely loungewear for when you have new visitors, go cas in 3/4 length sleeve tops and yoga pants. TopShop do a great range called the Fleck Oversized Top which are loose and a flattering cut.

Screen Shot 2012-12-03 at 10.23.59


2 thoughts on “It’s Almost Time!

  1. Yay so glad you are trying the little bamboo muslins i recommended!
    Such a fab price for a pack of 10 and naturally anti bacterial, just shows you can get some fantastic quality items from not so well known sources and cheaper than high street names!


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