It’s a Girl! And She Wore…


Less than 24hrs old!

So after 9 months and 9 long overdue days, little Savannah Ruby Jacobs is born… It was a mild winters day, James (who?) Arthur was number 1 in the Radio 1 charts and according to the Mayans – the week the world was going to end…

This is obviously a fashion and beauty blog so I won’t go into the gruesome details of labour, although I will say this – we should be awarded more than a baby for surviving it, quite frankly – diamonds should be compulsory. Savannah was born in a birthing pool and I suppose as far as labour goes, it couldn’t have gone more smoothly – (or so my husband keeps telling people), and I have to say the lack of drugs (despite my desperate pleas) did seem to make for a reasonably quick delivery.

When she was born, she looked horrific. There I said it. The thing that no mother says… But my word, Paul and I couldn’t believe our eyes!! Scarlett was such a little beauty!? The poor thing was so huge and badly swollen with a full head of hair and that shade of newborn grey, all the beautiful names we had been discussing prior to her birth seemed inappropriate now! But as every hour went on, she became more and more beautiful and I just couldn’t wait to show her off. She is only 3 days old as I write this and is the dream baby, I just can’t put her down! Scarlett seems to like her and spends hours playing “peek-a-bye!” with her, little Savannah will have the patience of a saint!

Now, on to the clothes…

Savannah made her debut appearance in her new born Mamas and Papas ‘Welcome to the World’ baby grow, we just about did it up – did I tell you she was 9lbs 8ozs!? She developed what is known as ‘the newborn rash’, it is completely harmless, just their sensitive skin adjusting to suddenly being clothed. When we got home, I put her in her Merino sleep suit and swaddled her firmly for a nap – to my total amazement, the rash dissapeared and her mood totally changed. Since then, she has not been in anything aside from Merino, I have managed to get my hands on this cocooi newborn gown, it is such peace of mind knowing she is wearing something so kind to her skin. Only 2 are really required per week (assuming she doesn’t throw up over them!) and I can’t recommend them enough as essential sleepwear for when your baby is first born.

Screen Shot 2012-12-23 at 22.13.56

Her first present was a gorgeous Cath Kidston baby grow, this was Scarlett’s signature outfit when she was born so I am really pleased to get the same grow in a different print for Savannah! I already know she will be living in this.

Screen Shot 2012-12-23 at 21.40.28

I am still in my yoga pants which I don’t intend to get out of until Christmas eve at the very earliest! And thanks to my engorged boobs (christ knows what size they are, all I know is that my 32F Emma Jane nursing bra doesn’t even cover them!) I am not able to wear any of my normal tops, but thanks to experience, I was prepared and have a couple of nursing tops designed to adjust to all sizes! This black tunic top from JoJo’s has been a life saver, loose around the tummy, comfy and doesn’t have that awful frumpy look so many nursing tops have (and it’s in the sale!). Once I am back in the swing of shopping I will let you know about some of my finds that work for breast feeding without losing complete style sense. Until then, I am not freaking out, just getting busy with my savoy cabbage leaves and waiting a couple of days for them to resume to normal size!

Screen Shot 2012-12-23 at 21.41.17

The day I left hospital, I was checking my Facebook account and discovered that my favourite nappy bag brand Storksak had been trying to get in touch with me regarding a competition that I had won – could my week get any better!? I am now the very proud new owner of the Elizabeth Leather in Red, apparently my interpretation of Christmas being less about Quality Streets and Miracle on 34th St and more about hideous Peppa Pig slippers and small crimbo trees hidden by a baby proof cage had quite the effect on the Storksak team and they felt I deserved the bag! Screen Shot 2012-12-23 at 21.43.08This is going to look fab on my two new prams, the Chicco I-Move and the Baby Jogger city double! (On another note, I just have to say if any of you are considering the I-Move, make sure you invest in the bundle offer – the car seat is pure luxury for Savannah compared to the Maxi Cosi we had before!)

Well with Christmas just hours away, presents wrapped and 3 Cadburys selection boxes already demolished, I have a feeling it is going to be a very exciting New Year!

Happy Christmas Everybody! x


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