Savannah’s New Wardrobe

What a fabulous Christmas Paul and I had with our girls! Whilst Scarlett is too young to appreciate what Christmas is really about, this was the first time since her birthday in June that she has been given wrapped presents and actually been able to open them! It was just so wonderful to watch! (Not so wonderful for my family on Boxing Day with half opened presents that Scarlett had got to whilst unsupervised…) Savannah spent the day mostly sleeping in her Little Christmas Cracker baby grow from Mamas & Papas whilst Scarlett OD’d on chocolate and ran around like a lunatic in a fabulous Ralph Lauren cable knit dress. (It’s compulsory to wear something ridiculous on your first Christmas in our household, Scarlett was Mrs Christmas for her first!)


So with Savannah spending most of her time still and sleeping, she was totally spoilt with beautiful clothes as opposed to the noisy toys that Scarlett got! (Suits me!)

I have decided that Junior J by Jasper Conran at Debenhams is one of my favourite brands for day to day wear that doesn’t cost the earth. Especially at this time of year – it’s definitely worth stocking up in the sales! The garments are so soft and cosy and the styles are girly without being too OTT.

Screen Shot 2012-12-31 at 11.33.09

A brand that I hadn’t even heard of before – Polarn O.Pyret definitely deserves a mention, I believe it to be a Swedish brand and is available in House of Fraser and John Lewis. They do a fab range of very cool body suits, again – big reductions at the moment so worth a look!



Savannah’s first snow suit is by the ever so luxurious Emile et Rose and is a gorgeous fleece, it is so snuggly and there is none of the inevitable “is it a boy or a girl?” confusion by strangers! This pink fleece snuggly coat is not only gorgeous it is also really easy to get their little arms and legs in without fearing you are going to snap something!

Screen Shot 2012-12-31 at 11.32.22

No Added Sugar was a brand I discovered in a Camden boutique when I was pregnant with Scarlett and I just loved it, it’s ultra trendy and they have a 50% sale on at the moment!! We got this fab little baby grow and I can’t wait for Savannah to grow in to it!Pixie_SANGRIA_WEB__71573_zoom

Scarlett was spoilt with an endless mountain of toys, all of which are covering our lounge floor on a daily basis! Favourites included the Happy Land Cherry Tree Cottage, a Doctors kit, all new books, a kitchen, a Silver Cross pram, an aqua doodle, the list goes on… but my favourite gift for her was the beautiful Mini Vanilla pyjamas! They are so cute and she looks adorable going up to bed in them! These are also available at House of Fraser and are sold in a matching fabric bag, perfect for when they go on little sleepovers – such a lovely gift!



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