January – The Month For Reinvention!

At this time of year, when the weather is gloomy, the excitement of Christmas and New Year is behind us and suddenly you have NOTHING to wear – it’s the most common time for us girls to make radical changes in our lives – or at least have the intentions! Add this to the fact you have been in maternity clothes for the past 6 months and you could have some pretty tragic scenarios on your hands! How many of us new mums have a baby and suddenly get all our hair cut off? Get to winter and suddenly dye our hair brown that has taken years of highlights and hundreds of pounds to get the perfect shade of blonde? Suddenly find a new shop and buy everything in it and then realise you are 10 years too old for it!? We have all been there! This year and this time round after having a baby, I am going less drastic and making smarter changes!

TIP: Instead of setting yourself totally unrealistic goals such as going to the gym 4 times a week, giving up chocolate and no drinking until May, make small enjoyable changes to normal routines that will make a difference to the rest of your day!

So the first thing that needs looking at is my make up bag… I have gone for a brand new foundation and treated myself to a new brush! Teint Idole by Lancome, slightly stronger coverage than the Teint Miracle which is what I need to hide my tired eyes! This time I’ve gone for the Estee Lauder foundation brush. I am genuinely already looking forward to applying it! A new foundation can change the look of your whole make up.


I have also been experimenting with eye liner pencils as part of my day make up, the brown by Liz Earle is great to smudge and doesn’t look too heavy – I wear it just on the outer corner of my eyes so it only takes a second to apply.

Next I am going to treat myself to a new nail varnish, I always go for deep purples at this time of year, and whilst I love this and it’s on trend right now – it’s time for a change! I’m going deep red… OPI have bought out a new Bond inspired shade called Skyfall.

Picture 5

Turning 30 this year I’m getting increasingly aware of aging skin! After research and sample testing I decided to go for the Clarins early wrinkle correction cream. Having not used Clarins before for anything other than hand cream, I have to say that overall I’m really happy with it! It smells quite soapy which I don’t love after using such natural products during my pregnancy, but it is so rich and creamy and absorbs beautifully in to the skin so I can forgive the smell. As part of my New Years rituals I have decided to invest the time into applying a serum before the moisturiser as well, I use Genefique by Lancome, it’s surprisingly refreshing to apply and I believe really has made a difference to the smoothness of my skin.

Picture 3

I’m totally useless at my night time beauty routine so my one and only new years resolution is to take off my make up EVERY night and apply night cream. I have gone for Youth Code by L’Oreal Paris, this was launched when I was working on the L’Oreal account and the media were going crazy for it because of all the amazing reviews. I figured this was the one to try! So far, 6 days in, it’s going well! I’m keeping my face wipes and cream on my bedside table so I don’t forget.

Now for my wardrobe… I am desperately trying to steer clear of the sales. I always end up buying loads of bargains that I will never wear! Yesterday for example I tried on a pair of Juicy Couture cords, they fitted but thats all I would really say about them, I definitely didn’t need them but they were such a bargain I felt compelled to buy them! Instead, I put them down and walked out of the shop and it felt great! No more buying things I don’t need, from now on I research and decide on a ‘look’ before making a purchase. I read a great tag on the side of Westfields – “Don’t buy anything before you buy Vogue” so true!


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