Purely Organic


If you have been following my blog, you will already know what a fan I am of Merino Kids, not just since meeting with the founder of this brand and being educated to the massive benefits of this ‘wonder’ fabric, but since testing the products for myself with remarkable results!

Aside from the actual fabric being filled with natural technology that actually has the ability to regulate your babies temperature – aiding in the prevention of over heating and skin allergies, the designs of all of their products are considered with your child’s safety at the forfront whilst not compromising on style.

Savannah in her GoGo bag!

Savannah in her GoGo bag!

Both my babies have been Merino Babies, but Savannah has been slightly more spoilt with her sleep wear and is actually yet to sleep in anything other than Merino! Being such a contented sleeper I am terrified of trying her in anything else! At 12lb she is now too big for her Cocooi wrap and is now in her Merino Go Go bag. As with the sleep grows that have fold over footsies, these have been designed with longevity in mind and will see her right through until she is 2. With an Organic Cotton outer and lined with Merino wool, they are 100% natural and so far Savannah sleeps just as well as when she was swaddled.


If you’re quick, you can pick one up half price using discount code FB2901 but you only have a couple of days! If you are pregnant, whatever season your baby is due (these don’t have a tog rating because they are 100% natural) – I recommend this product and this offer! Go to www.merinokids.co.uk and also find them on Facebook to get all their latest offers.

Since discovering the wonders of natural or organic products, I have been on the hunt for more fabulous items that will look great on Savannah whilst being kind to her skin and fair on the environment. A brand that I have totally fallen in love with for their gorgeous little baby grows is Organics for Kids, their site is http://www.organicsforkids.com – check out Savannah in this beautiful little romper suit!

Organics for Kids romper suit

Organics for Kids romper suit

All of their products are designed with a fabulous signature print and whilst some organic clothing can look rather drab in greys and browns, these are bright and colourful and simply look beautiful! Organics for Kids are also available at John Lewis, I recommend the baby grows with little fold over feet so that you can get maximum wear out of them – I was all too quick to put Scarlett in skinny jeans and leopard print tops, this time I am going to make the most of the baby grow time!


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