Fighting 30…

Do you ever have those moments of realisation that you aren’t quite as young as you feel!? Well these moments are coming around all too frequently for me… And it’s not like you’d expect, being a wife and mother of two, no, the real test is when you can no longer relate to Hollyoaks, you fantasise about being on X Factor then realise you’d be in the oldest category and you no longer understand what your teenage nieces and nephews are talking about on Facebook… De.Press.Ing. Anyway, you might wonder where I am headed with this one, but basically, I’m on a mission to stay looking young(ish).

Hitting 30 this year, my skincare regime needs to be turned up a notch so I have been on a skincare mission the past couple of weeks sampling, trialing and reviewing various products to find my perfect match.  Prevention is the best cure when it comes to ageing skin, stay out of the sun and start anti wrinkle cream at 21, but who does that? We all know you look better with a tan and what 21 yr old plans ahead for wrinkly skin!? All we can do now is find the best lotions and potions that will delay the ageing process further… Here are some of the products I’ve tried and would recommend!

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser

I know I have mentioned this before as a favourite, but I just love this product and it is now an absolute essential to my daily routine. I am always impressed at how well the muslin wipes away any traces of make up and leaves my skin feeling smooth. But what I love the most is how reasonably priced Liz Earle products are which means you can be really generous when applying!


Liz Earle Gentle Face Exfoliator

This product is gentle enough for use everyday, not that you would need to exfoliate daily but it just feels so nice that you actually want to! Unlike other exfoliators that I have used on my face, you aren’t left with bright red blotches from all the brutal scrubbing, it is so creamy but still leaves you with the feeling of refreshing skin and a glowing appearance.


Elemis Nourishing Shower Cream

It’s such a treat using luxury shower gels and creams! I am normally a ‘whatever is on offer’ kinda gal when it comes to shower gels leaving the posh stuff for special occasions (you know the ones that even require the shaving of the legs), but this is such a gorgeous product I have been converted and will spoil myself every shower time from now on! The rich cream lathers in to a thick foam and smells gorgeous. This was a product actually recommended to me by a follower of this blog, if there are any products that you love I would really be interested in finding out about them!


Arbonne RE9 Firming Cream

Not a brand I have heard of before because it’s not a product you can pick up easily! It’s sold direct or through Arbonne representatives and is not cheap… But this body cream is great, despite it looking more like clotted cream and in its rather dated tub, it moisturises beautifully and a little really does go a long way! I am such a sceptic of creams actually having the power to noticeably firm skin on your body, but as far as moisturising goes – this is lovely! I also sampled their face serum and moisturiser from the RE9 range which is specifically formulated for ageing skin, but I am perhaps not quite ready for products like these… The creams are seriously concentrated so I feel may work better on slightly more mature skin, my mum is very happy about this as the products are now headed her way!


Jo Malone Vitamin E Eye Creme

This is a beautiful product… again, it is pretty pricy but should last you a long time! It is so smooth and feels really refreshing on your eyes. Perhaps a nice treat to ask for this Mother’s Day? This is the only Jo Malone product I have sampled and I am really impressed, but looking at the other reviews from the Vitamin E range I can quite believe that these really are miracle products!


I would really love to hear what your ‘Can’t live without’ skincare or beauty products are, please let me know in the comments below!!


3 thoughts on “Fighting 30…

  1. I love Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream or Sheer Moister SPF 15. In fact I do love all their products but I am a slave to either of these of a morning ;o)


  2. My cannot live without product is Emma Hardie moringa balm, it’s a great cleanser (removes eye make up instantly), it also doubles up as a mask, it’s leaves your skin hydrated+glowing. It’s a multi purpose product great for dry elbows, I used it to clean my make up brushes, this is literally something you can use for everything, hair mask too apparently 🙂 its all natural ingredients.


  3. I can’t live without Extra Virgin Olive Oil. I use it to cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise. Being 40 plus, I have tried and tested so many brands and this is my ‘can’t live without’. Try it, I would be interested to hear your comparisons with the above as I love reading your reviews.


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