Savannah’s First Photo Shoot



Scarlett, Savannah and I had a fab day at Lorna Anstee Photography Studios last week! Savannah has followed in her sisters modelling footsteps and was a true natural in front of the camera… Although I hate to admit, Scarlett’s modelling days may be behind her for a few years at least – she seems to have lost the ability to be still for longer than half a second and chasing her around the studio whilst singing baa baa black sheep and balancing shoes on our heads to keep her smiling was totally exhausting!

Unlike adult shoots, planning and timing when shooting children is essential! Outfit changes had to be kept to a minimum, in Savannah’s case this was kept to nude and a fabulous little tutu dress from The White Company and for Scarlett, she wore a beautiful circus style dress that I picked up in the sale at No Added Sugar.


If you want to do your own photo shoot of your children consider the overall feel of the photo you are trying to achieve, for example, baby pictures work best in pastels and neutral shades, whilst bright and bold colours work best for toddlers. Try to capture the essence of your child’s personality, in Savannah’s case she is content, smily and a sleepy baby whilst Scarlett is cheeky and mischievous – all these qualities were captured perfectly on our shoot!



A big difference between a professional shot and one you might take yourself (aside from the £4000 lens that is being used) is the composition of your photo. So try experimenting with the positioning of your focus point (usually the child!) sometimes when the baby is the least prominent part of the shot it makes the most interesting photo!


When framing your photos, always find a frame with a mount – this instantly gives a professional feel to your family pics.




If you wanted a similar style shoot for your little ones then check out Lorna’s website, she is based in Kent and whilst all my photos have been taken in a studio, she is set in the most idyllic surrounds so lifestyle shots can also be taken. She will offer you a full creative consultation and whilst a good photographer requires the ability to take a good shot, her niche is the ability to make any child laugh and capture this in your photos. There are always promotions on so do get in touch and mention my blog!



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