Mad Men Style and Massive Product Giveaways!

SS13 welcomes a revival of 1960’s fashion and beauty… Colours are loud, accessories are bold and waist lines are clinched. This iconic era of fashion oozed femininity and embraced the female form for all its curves, it’s the ultimate in womanly glamour and every girl needs a touch of it in her wardrobe.

60’s set TV series Mad Men, famous for it’s fabulous costume design, has monopolised our high streets and joined forces with fashion house Banana Republic bringing us achievable 60’s glamour, so now there is no reason we can’t be the hottest mums on the school run!

Mad Men 1

Saying that, as much as I’d love to strut down to soft play in kitten heels, a pencil skirt and 6 inches of hair above my head, it’s not exactly practical for this lifestyle I now have! So, I have scoured the high street to find on-trend pieces practical for busy mums on the go.

Check out these fab capri pants from BR (Gap also do a great range), team with a tight polo tee from for instant 60’s appeal.

Screen Shot 2013-03-11 at 16.48.40

A crew neck cardigan is a 60’s staple and will smarten any casual outfit. Oasis have a great range in their SS13 collection in a variety of bright bold colours for just £25!


Accessorise with coordinating colours and go for bold statement pieces. I love this bracelet (part of the Mad Men collection at Banana Republic) compliment with chunky small hoop ear-rings for a touch of 60’s glamour.


Estee Lauder have also collaborated with the Mad Men franchise and bought out this fabulous limited edition collection of cosmetics. Pulling out this gorgeous little compact from your hard case clutch (or nappy bag for those of you not living in a parallel world) is the height of 60’s sophistication.

Screen Shot 2013-03-10 at 17.46.20

And for the hair..

From my research it would seem that a simple day time up-do in the 60’s is now a style you are most likely to see on a modern day bride, where did they find the time?! With an average of 3 minutes to get ready (on a generous morning) I have discovered some cheats to get that styled and polished finish that I will share with you now…

The styling comb. Just a few backwards strokes at the roots on your crown will transform the simplest of styles giving instant volume and a styled finish to ordinary pony tails or even when you are just when wearing your hair down.


Accessorise. An Alice band is the perfect accessory for staying practical whilst transforming your entire look into a smarter and more styled finish.

Swap your products. 60’s hair is all about shine and volume and I have discovered just the products to get it…

Argania. It is made with pure Moroccan Argan Oil and is 100% natural. Rich in Vitamin E it smooths, repairs and nourishes your hair leaving it with a shine even on blonde hair which is almost impossible! It also offers protection to your hair whether you curl, straighten or simply blow dry and doesn’t leave an oily residue unlike others I have tried. The full range is available at Boots including spritzing styling sprays, shampoos, conditioners and intense treatments.

And now for the giveaway…

As a major fan of these products, I got in touch with Argania to see how we could work together on a product giveaway promotion… I am hugely excited to be able to offer you ALL free samples of these products and better still, every person that requests a sample will also be entered in to a Prize Draw to WIN 1 of 3 Argania Oil Product Goody Bags worth over £30!

Argania Vogue

To claim your free sample and enter the prize draw, simply go to and RT the latest tweet mentioning the promo!

The 3 Winners of the Argania Goody Bags will be notified on 19th March 2013

(If you don’t have a Twitter account, just get in touch via the comments section below and I will arrange for the samples to be sent out to you!)


14 thoughts on “Mad Men Style and Massive Product Giveaways!

  1. I believe Treseme Smooth hair serum also contains Argan oil – it is great at keeping hair shiny and preventing split ends. I would love to try another product containing Argan oil. Thanks


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