30 Days Of Squats

It’s been 3 months since Savannah was born and not being one to push these things, I’ve decided it’s probably safe to do some exercise now… (My midwife told me it was safe at 6 weeks but I refused to accept that.) So I have found myself a Zumba class and am on a mission to find a new league badminton club to join. Aside from the usual benefits of exercise being healthy and good for lifting your spirit (essential for a mum!), my real incentive is a long weekend booked in Marbella with the girls to celebrate my 30th. Whilst there has been talks of boob jobs, veneers, cheek implants and new miracle lift bikinis, I am going to attempt the 30 day squat challenge I was told about yesterday (by a fellow Marbs attendee also on my mission…)! So whilst I am not about to share my ‘before and after’ shots of my bare bum I had Paul take this morning (begrudgingly as he believes I won’t keep this up past day 2 – I’ll show him) I will share the challenge so you can try it too!

It seems easy enough, the thought of doing 250 squats on day 30 is somewhat terrifying but it’s only a month of pain – even I should be able to do that!

Day 1-50 squats
Day 2-55 squats
Day 3-60 squats
Day 4-Rest
Day 5-70 squats
Day 6-75 squats
Day 7-80 squats
Day 8-Rest
Day 9-100 squats
Day 10-105 squats
Day 11-110 squats
Day 12-Rest
Day 13-130 squats
Day 14-135 squats
Day 15- 140 squats
Day 16-Rest
Day 17-150 squats
Day 18- 155 squats
Day 19- 160 squats
Day 20-Rest
Day 21- 180 squats
Day 22- 185 squats
Day 23- 190 squats
Day 24-Rest
Day 25- 220 squats
Day 26- 225 squats
Day 27- 230 squats
Day 28-Rest
Day 29- 240 squats
Day 30- 250 squats

I found a video on YouTube which demonstrates the perfect squat here!

Now, aside from the Elle Machphereson body I hope to achieve by end of April, there is no greater incentive to work out than that of stylish gym wear! You know how you buy a new dress and then make sure you have a date in the diary to wear it? Well my theory is that if I have a new gym wardrobe I will get the classes booked in to attend! (This is all in theory you understand…).

The Stella McCartney collection for Adidas is so stylish that it doesn’t really matter if you don’t do exercise in it, this is perfectly acceptable loungewear! Found this gorgeous hooded vest in the spring collection.

Screen Shot 2013-03-28 at 09.41.57

I love a bit of glamour when it comes to sports wear – (no one does this better than the Williams sisters at Wimbledon!) and this fab vest (Stella McCartney for Adidas) will add just the right amount of style to a sweaty work out!

Screen Shot 2013-03-28 at 09.30.26

Sweaty Betty are best for joggers, they don’t lose there shape and all of there clothing has a flattering cut. And dare I say it, you could even get away with these outside of the gym… So long as you had make-up on of course.

Screen Shot 2013-03-28 at 09.32.16Nike are best for feminine trainers, there are a million variations – you can even design your own! But these off the shelf runners are great for adding a splash of colour to your outfit.

Screen Shot 2013-03-28 at 09.39.33

Capris are the most flattering trousers whatever your shape, these are new in at Nike and certainly make a statement, probably best to wear these after you have been to the gym a few times when you know what you’re doing…


TIP: All of these fabulous items aside, a great place to shop for designer sportswear is TK Maxx!

Love to know if any of you have done the 30 day squat challenge and had good results, it could save me 29 more days of pain if not!


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