Style Cheats For Practical Mums

There is always that one mum that just gets it right isn’t there… You can’t help but stare at their freshly washed hair and immaculate make up and wonder how on earth they found the time? It wouldn’t be so hard to accept but most toddler groups start at 9.30 in the morning! I have to be honest, we don’t attend many of these early morning groups for that very reason – Scarlett does well to get out of bed before 8 (not that I’m complaining) and the very notion of getting all 3 of us fed, washed and dressed before 9 doesn’t bear thinking about! Instead we go to toddler and baby classes starting at a more sociable time of day whereby I stand at least half a chance of looking presentable! Having 2 babies has reduced my “me” time by approximately 100%. I can’t remember the last time I had a shower without Oopsie Daisy and Peppa Pig popping their heads around the curtain or was able to put on my make up without having to breast feed at the same time! So the key is to find some fashion and beauty short cuts to give the most stylish mum at toddler group a run for her money…

Renowned for their effortless chic style, I have turned to the French for some fashion inspiration and as obvious as it may be, I’m starting with stripes. This print can’t help but look smart and is incredibly easy to wear. Already a major fan of Petit Bateau for beautiful children’s wear, I choose the Kitsune Marinier jersey for its fabulous fit and brilliant quality. Worn with cropped trousers and a smart rain coat (both at Petit Bateau) it is the perfect combination of casual and elegant.

Screen Shot 2013-04-07 at 16.00.34

Although my slip on Converse trainers do the job of keeping it practical whilst still maintaining an ounce of style, the most stylish footwear for yummy mummies are without doubt the Tory Burch Serena ballet pumps. And yes, they are pricey at £205, but like the Chanel 2.55, the Hermes H belt and the Burberry Trench, these little designer staples will remain at the top of the essentials list for years to come.


If like me, the nail salon is a place you can only dream of these days, find 15 minutes a week to polish your nails in this seasons Chanel Le Vernis shades. For your DIY manicure make sure to keep the nails short and squoval.


And now for the biggest cheat of all… Fake tan! A slight glow to your face will transform your tired pale skin from recent sleepless nights into the picture of health! Everyone looks better with a tan, fact, but not one to speed up the ageing process I try to avoid too much sun on my face and instead get a natural bronzed appearance with Total Glow Elemis Self Tanning Cream. It doesn’t have that nasty fake tan smell so many have, and the results are incredibly subtle so you don’t have to worry about streaks or lines. Simply exfoliate, moisturise and apply for an instant sun kissed glow!


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3 thoughts on “Style Cheats For Practical Mums

  1. I love this blog! It is so hard to look good when you’ve got your little ones clamouring all over you all the time. My style cheat is good hair – get it blow dried once or twice a week and I’m set, no matter what I wear. Theres a blowdry bar in my neighbourhood I use (relaxing too- they always give me a free cocktail and cake!) think their website is


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