A Worthy Cause!

A good friend of mine has recently joined a very interesting and exciting company offering everybody the opportunity to give to charity by simply doing what we do best… gossiping! It is such an innovative yet simple concept that I offered to devote a blog post to spread the word to my followers! So for this week only, I shall be stepping out of my fashion and beauty comfort zone and instead sharing with you how you can do a good deed every day by doing absolutely nothing different!

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The company is called Donate Mobile, and in a nutshell, whatever you pay each month on your phone bill – 10% of the total will be donated to a charity of your choice. Absolutely no catch whatsoever! They use Vodafone for network coverage but bills and donations are managed by Donate Mobile (works the same way as Tesco Mobile for example), they offer you everything you would expect from going direct to one of the big networks but instead of taking all the profit themselves – they pass 10% of it on to any charity you decide to support.


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If your contract isn’t due to run out any time soon, Pre Register with them here, they will send you a little reminder a month before your contract expires so that you can get in touch with them. You can keep your existing number, choose from a number of competitive tariffs and handsets or just go with a SIM only option. Perhaps you are looking to get a contract for your child and they might like to choose a charity to donate to, Born Free Foundation the Animal Welfare charity is popular with the kids! I actually chose to donate to CLIC Sargent when testing this system which is a great charity helping children with cancer.

What is really great, is that you can check each month how much you have donated to your charity within your account, far more rewarding than just checking your bank statement to see how much you’ve gone over your tariff!

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With marathon season upon us and our Facebook News Feeds rife with “just giving” requests, do your bit for charity and share this wholly honourable business with friends so that they too can donate just by chatting on the phone! For more information, check out their site www.donate-mobile.com


2 thoughts on “A Worthy Cause!

  1. I heard about this new phone service on the radio last night. It sounds like a really good way to raise funds, particularly for small charities. I’m going to find out more as my friends are certainly getting Just Giving fatigue, and the little charity I support is struggling to raise as much money as it needs. Perhaps the supermarkets could do the same thing, and let customers donate their profits, rather than handing out little green tokens and endless vouchers?


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