Posing Like Posh

Friday night I attended Salon QP, a very exclusive Fine Watch Exhibition held at the Saatchi Gallery. With a wardrobe to match my mum-of-2 lifestyle I had nothing to wear to such an event… In these situations I generally head to my sisters house and raid her designer wardrobe. I reckon Harvey Nicks would struggle to compete with her collection of LBD’s so I was in my element choosing which to borrow! In the end, it was a classic monochrome DVF that I chose to wear to the event. My attendance was to show support for my good friend Lucy Cheesewright who is the Events Director that literally ran the show so I wanted to make sure I looked the part!

Photographer: Tim Griffiths

Dress: DVF, Bag: Mulberry, Photographer: Tim Griffiths

Upon entrance, we were greeted with free chips for the roulette table and an endless supply of cocktails making the formal event incredibly relaxed. We admired the vintage BMW at the Bonhams Auctioneers stand before chilling out on the Harrods sofas. There was some serious glamour at Saatchi this night – it made my night when a Chanel clad woman in the toilets commented on my dress! The overall look of the event was quite impressive and covered 4 floors of the gallery.

Screen Shot 2013-11-10 at 19.54.00

All the major watch brands you’d expect were there, Maurice Lacroix, TAG Heuer, Chopard and 76 other extremely expensive watch brands that I had never even heard of but for me it was the Hermès stand that stole the show as they unravelled for the first time, the Pendentif Boule…

40965The diamond-set pendant watch rolls and rotates with the back cased in leather. I would predict replicas hitting the high street very soon!

Aside from the chance of winning an abundance of luxury prizes on the roulette table, browsing millions of pounds worth of designer watches and admiring the beautiful and very designer guest list, the real highlight for me was meeting the events photographer who educated myself and the Lucy’s on the perfect pose to be papped… It’s called the Victoria Beckham.

Pose Like Posh:

You put one foot in front of the other (toe to heel) and slide the front foot forward as far as it will go. Slightly twist your body so its almost side facing the camera and tilt your head whist keeping your chin down. Its not comfortable, and to onlookers you will quite frankly look ridiculous but the pictures are impressive! The stomachs tucked in, the legs are elongated and the overall stance looks totally effortless. I noticed the photographer took the shot almost from above which will always add inches to your height (this must be why we all think celebrities are taller than they actually are!).

So this is Lucy Cheese, Lucy B and I giving the Victoria Beckham a go…

Photographer: Tim Griffiths

Photographer: Tim Griffiths

Overall a brilliant night was had at the expo and I left feeling extremely proud that my friend Lucy made it happen. Good work mate, the sleepless nights, zero social life and 20hr work days were totally worth it! xx

Lucy enjoying the final day with a rather special guest!

Lucy enjoying the final day with a rather special guest!


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