This Is The Last I’ll Say Of It…

I’m afraid this isn’t going to be the most interesting of blog posts, but I felt it quite necessary to write!

I wanted to say an extremely heartfelt thank you to all of you that have taken the time to get in touch to offer words of support. After reading all of the awful comments on the DM I totally lost any faith in ever rectifying such an awful situation and yet, people who don’t even know me, whether they are mums or not, have been kind enough to share my story resulting in my side being read almost 8000 times in less than 48 hours. It might not touch the surface compared to the damage caused by the press, but It absolutely means the world to me. It has obviously been a pretty rubbish week, but I am literally overwhelmed by the kind thoughts.

And to my friends that have been texting, calling, emailing, commenting and coming to the house, I love you all, you really learn the value of true friendships when faced with a situation like this!

Without my blog, I would have just been another helpless victim of bad press, but thanks to it – I have been able to voice a response to the hideous article both on here and via the Huffington Post (thanks very much to them too!) and got the word around that I am actually just a very normal mum of 2 and not the monster portrayed!

But enough is enough. No more feeling sorry for myself and dwelling on the utter humiliation. It’s time to move on and tomorrow it is business as usual on this blog, I don’t know what I’m going to write about yet but it’s going to be happy and carefree!

Thanks again,

Much love xx


8 thoughts on “This Is The Last I’ll Say Of It…

  1. Hello! I read the article in question and I have to say, I think most people worth worrying about take articles like that with a pinch of salt. Especially those in the DM which seem written purely to shock and provoke a reaction.
    I know it’s easy for me to say as it wasn’t written about me but my advice is to ignore anything bad or negative written about you or the story. The people who write such things are jerks! Focus on the people who love and support you. And if any of them have made mean comments then I’m afraid they’re probably jerks too!xxx


  2. I love your blog (this is my first visit) and i think i admire your sense of fashion designing and interior designing more than all I am so impressed and love your courage.. after all that Daily mail stuff! just saying. I only got to know about your blog after reading that horrid article and could not believe most of it ♥♥♥ loves from a reader and a fan from another part of the world! and definitely your girls will be proud of you someday for how you defend them!

    There is something good out of everything and i hope this bring you the best! Cheers n love ♥


  3. If one good thing comes of this it’s that you’ll probably have a lot more readers of your blog after this article was printed. Who knows what could come of it?! Hopefully things should/have died down and hope you’re holding your head high! X


    • I read the article and then realised I would do the same if ever I had had children. They are gorgeous little girls and good parents always want the best for their children. You are a good Mum. The majority of the public know that there is always two sides to every story!


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