Can’t Live Withouts!

I’ve recently discovered some new products that I now can’t imagine going a day without using. From hand creams to new eye brows – check out my current ‘can’t live withouts’…

Greenwood Organics Hand Cream

A good moisturiser can take years off the appearance of your hands, and as a sufferer of dry skin I am forever searching for the best hand cream. Since discovering the Ylang Ylang & Cocoa Butter organic cream, I can honestly say it is one of the best I have used. It doesn’t need constant application like others I have tried and leaves a subtle oil on the skin leaving your hands well moisturised for hours without feeling greasy. It’s just £14 and you can get it online here. It’s the perfect little tub to leave on your office desk!

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 18.20.27

Natural Collection Nail Polish 

I’m guessing the last time you considered this as a nail polish was when you were at school! Me too, until my friend and beauty therapist recommended it as her personal favourite… At just £1.89, if you are looking for a natural gloss for easy application, that’s quick drying and long lasting – you won’t find a better polish than this for inbetween manicures.

natural collection pink manicure

Clinique Superfine Brow Liner

After catching some shocking photos of myself eyebrow-less at a recent party, I began the search for a maintainable solution to getting the perfect brows. I started my research in to threading, waxing, dying and was even tempted by the 7 step “HD Brows” but when it came down to it – I was just too scared to try it for fear the hairs would never grow back and I would be left with a shape that I didn’t like! Instead, I have invested in the Superfine Brow Liner for just £13 in Soft Brown. I can’t tell you the difference just a few strokes makes in giving definition to my brows, I now can’t leave the house without it!


TIP: The trick to naturally beautiful eye brows is to work with the shape you already have. Fill in the gaps with pencil or powder and just pluck the strays beneath the brows. The shape you’ve been given is already the best shape to compliment your face so don’t try and change it! 

Before and After the Clinique Superfine Brow Liner in Soft Brown

Before and After!

Daniel Sandler Fluid Blusher

After checking out the rave reviews of this watercolour blush I couldn’t wait to give it a go and it certainly didn’t disappoint! I apply a single drop to the apple of each cheek with my fingers and the colour stays put all day to give a fresh, youthful look.


I’d love to know the products you can’t live without, please let me know in the comments below!




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