How To Give Yourself A Luxury Facial!

The best thing about being pregnant this time around is that I get to enjoy it with some of my best friends who aren’t far behind in their own pregnancies! It’s great having someone close that can totally relate, who can sympathise with the changes our poor bodies are going through and who you can have a laugh with as you discuss the latest encounter your husband had when met with your hormones! But the best bit of all, is having someone to share a pregnancy spa session with…

For Christmas, Paul coordinated with a fellow Dad-to-be and arranged for myself and Lucy to attend a day of total relaxation at Nirvana Spa (it looks like the endless pregnancy moaning finally paid off!). They chose for us the Calming Cocoon package recommended for pregnancy. It included a full day at the spa enjoying all of their wonderful facilities, a luxury treatment (we chose the Invigorating Foot Treatment which FYI is AMAZING), complimentary lunch at the salad bar (which offers far more than just salad – thankfully), unlimited drinks and a bonus skincare workshop!

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 10.05.39

We kicked off the day with a hot choc and a latte in the cafe before waddling into the hydrotherapy pool where we basically floated for about an hour until our skin was unrecognisable, (20mins is the recommended duration so must remember that for next time). Then it was time for our treatment, there are a few to choose from in the package but considering neither of us can actually touch our toes without getting out of breath, we decided the Invigorating Foot Treatment would be the biggest treat! It included all sorts of exfoliation and hot mitt action before ending on a truly amazing foot and lower leg massage. All of this on the most comfortable heated treatment bed I think I have ever been on… I must find out where they get their cushions.


Next it was time for lunch. Having never eaten salad in my life I was expecting to have to order from the menu for an additional fee, but discovered they also serve a selection of hot food which was just delicious! Lets just say we went up more than once and less than 5 times. Hey if ever there is a time to get away with it 🙂


So whilst we waited for our food go down, we headed on over to the workshop room.


It’s the skincare workshop I really wanted to tell you about in this post. There were a few running throughout the day, we opted for the ESPA skincare session taken by a brand representative who seriously knew her stuff. It was fascinating and as well as sampling some luxury products by giving ourselves a full spa facial, I have certainly learnt a few new tricks on application and been educated on how the skin actually works! For instance, did you know that skin cells survive from birth to surface for just 28 days before being replaced? Did you ever really understand the importance of a serum? And have you ever wondered why it’s the wedding finger that therapists apply eye cream with!? Understanding the skin makes choosing your products so much easier.


Here is a ‘step by step’ to give yourself a spa standard facial along with the products I sampled and would recommend:


(Products used from left to right)

1.Optimal Skin ProCleanser –  An exfoliant gel with jojoba spheres that melt on the skin. Gently massage deep into your skin until all the little balls have dispersed. You can apply this as a daily cleanser as well as a deep penetrating mask by leaving for approx 10 mins once a week. Remove with cool damp cotton wool pads and watch as the gel lifts all traces of make up and dirt.

2.Hydrating Floral Spafresh Spritzer –  A hydrating and toning mist which instantly freshens your skin. It has traces of rose and geranium which I discovered are great for uneven skin tones – e.g. – my red nose!

3.Optimal Body Triserum –  Applied as a spray to the body, this dry oil won’t leave you feeling greasy and locks in moisture whilst smelling absolutely divine!

4.Optimal Skin Proserum –  A similar product for the face. Once we were educated on the skins basic functionalities, I understood how important using a serum is! Basically this will penetrate much deeper than a moisturiser to repair and strengthen cells at the root giving them the best possible fighting chance of being strong by the time the cells have reached the surface and are visible.

5.24 Hour Replenishing Eye Moisturiser – Applied before the face moisturiser, you use your third finger on each hand to lightly dab the delicate eye areas. The reason they use this finger is because it is the weakest so you are less likely to press too hard when applying.

TIP: She also advised that eye cream is great to use along the lip line where the skin has the same qualities and is prone to fine lines. 

6.24 Hour Balancing Moisturiser –  Avoiding the eye area which is already moisturised, apply in circular motions across the face and neck. This is the lightest of their moisturising collection, it really just comes down to personal preference if you like this or something more rich.

7.Essential Protective Serum –  Described as the ‘final film’ over your face to protect the skin from the elements.

Facts on ESPA: They do not test on animals and are made from totally natural products. The only reason they can’t be labeled organic is because of the water content! 

After a little while longer spent gossiping in the hydrotherapy pool, we got ourselves a cuppa and a magazine to chill out around the main pool.



I worked coming home time perfectly to ensure I missed the girls meal time (probably the most stressful part of an ordinary day) and arrived to girls dressed in their PJs ready for bed – what a perfect day! x


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  1. The use of animals to test cosmetics or their
    ingredients is now banned in the European Union.
    From 2013, it is also illegal to sell in the EU any cosmetics tested on animals elsewhere in the world.


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