40 Week Update

A post no blogger will be happy about writing! It’s weird how you can survive 40 long weeks of pregnancy whilst there is a due date ahead, but every hour that passes thereafter feels like a lifetime. I have served my 9 months – Where is my baby???!!!  So anyway, as I have nothing but time on my hands right now, I thought I would put together one of these little pregnancy templates to tell you how I’m feeling…

How far along: 40 weeks + 2 days

Size of baby: Worryingly large. I am only measuring 36cm so my bump appears quite small, but the midwife was quick to tell me that is because the baby is so compact and has dropped so much. It’s of a very “healthy” size – and I think we all know what that means. FYI Savannah was 9lb 8oz.

Total weight gain: Hang on I’ll go check… HOLY CRAP I was not expecting that. OK so I think I was about 8st 10lbs pre pregnancy, I have gained 32lbs – don’t waste time doing the maths just move along to the next point please. Also its evening and I’m wearing jeans ok?

Stretch marks: No, thankfully. Which is seriously lucky as I have been rubbish with skincare this time around. I have heard horror stories of these appearing after the birth though so I’m not counting my chickens just yet.

Maternity clothes: I’m currently living in my faithful H&M over the bump jeans and a couple of long sleeved Isabella Oliver tops, if I open up the rest of the maternity wardrobe it’s like accepting I have longer to go and I am sooooo ready to pack this wardrobe up now!

Pregnancy Symptoms: Still chucking up most mornings which is nice! Acid reflux literally making me feel like my throat is on fire. General back / rib pains. Unbelievably tired, as I wake up every night at least 3 times for a wee or just for no reason whatsoever and can’t get back to sleep again. Nails are growing too quickly and I’m not getting my moneys worth from my gels!

Best part of the week: Thai Foot Massage. So confident this baby is going to take AGES to come, I have booked it again for next week. It was amazing…

Food Cravings: Sugar. Lots and lots of sugar. Easter is not my friend right now. I literally can not stop buying eggs. My girls are loving it! Ahhhhh that’ll explain that weight gain then…

Food Aversions: Anything that requires effort to put together.

Last Midwife Appt: So apparently she could only feel 1/5th of the head as it is so low into my pelvis. I am pretty sure it has been there a while which is why I am so uncomfortable. It honestly feels like I am going to break the little ones neck every time I sit down – but the midwife promised me this hasn’t happened before so is quite unlikely.

Sex: Err, no thanks. Oh I see, no we don’t know the sex. Paul desperate for a boy as his weekends are taken over by ballet classes and Princess movies at the cinema. Also someone mentioned something about having 3 weddings to pay for and I literally watched the colour drain from his face. Bound to be another girl 🙂

Belly Button: What belly button? It’s gone! No sign of it whatsoever! Hope that comes back.

Birth Plan: Birthing pool and gas and air. A lot of gas and air. This is what I have done previously and in my head this is how it is going to go again, if that pool isn’t free then I’m pretty sure I am heading straight into panic mode!

How I’m Feeling: I’m in total limbo right now, haven’t made any social plans because I just don’t know what is around the corner! Every day is dragging and I’m filled with guilt that I’m not doing enough with the girls. I’m just desperate to get this little baby out so we can all start living again and having fun!

Scarlett and Savannah: Scarlett is beyond excited! She wants to look after the baby by herself, for it to sleep in her room and ever since feeding a bottle of milk to a goat at a farm party we went to – wants to be wholly responsible for feeding him / her. Lets see how long that one lasts! Savannah on the other hand, is in denial.

Ready?: Are you ever? My checklist is complete and the hospital bag is packed and I think I know what I am doing 3rd time around, but as Savannah taught me – no 2 babies are the same so until this little monkey makes his or her appearance I really have no idea what is to come!


So there it is. Pregnancy at 40 weeks. Hopefully the next time I write to you it’ll be to show off the new addition to the family!

Wish me luck! xx


4 thoughts on “40 Week Update

  1. What an exciting time! I remember the over due days feeling like weeks, made worse when you have little people to entertain! You look really wonderful, glowing. Wishing you lots of luck and looking forward to hearing of your new addition x

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Fiona! How can it drag so much?! All in the mind set I suppose! Love seeing the pics on FB that you tag John in btw, laughed out loud seeing you both as Anna and Kristoff! You are such lovely parents! I bet the birthday girl couldn’t believe it!! X


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