My Guest Post For JoJo Maman Bébé: Sisters United By Fashion

I never thought I would be a mum that dresses her children in matching outfits, I have enough embarrassing photos from my own childhood to put me off doing the same! And this was certainly not a look I wanted to associate with…


But I have to say – on the odd occasion that I do dress my girls in matching clothes for a party or just playing at home, it gives them a sort of unity that I love! It makes me so proud that they are instantly recognisable as sisters.


They are only 18 months apart in age, which was quite tough in the early days but they have a very special sisterly bond now. With such a small age gap, it also means they are generally into the same thing. Mostly Anna and Elsa… So whilst their little personalities couldn’t be more different, it’s handy for me that they will happily play with the same toys and choose the same film at the cinema.  When it comes to clothes, they are happy to be dressed differently – but if one is wearing a dress and you try to put the other in trousers, you may as well write the whole day off there and then.


My girls LOVE dresses. The first thing my eldest daughter Scarlett will ask when she sees a new dress is “Does it go up?” by this she means, can she spin in it and will it twirl like the dresses on Strictly! It is now a test that every dress needs to pass before purchase otherwise neither her or Savannah will wear it.


There are many reasons for and against dressing your children the same. One negative for me, is that I rely on the eldest to have outgrown her clothes ready for my other daughter to be in them the year after – it saves a fortune and I’m not sure how this would really work if they already had the same wardrobes! I suppose that is what is great about shopping at JoJo’s. So many ‘buy 2 and get £5 off’ offers 🙂



A ‘pro’ is it certainly helps with the washing, and makes finding the days outfit for each child far less stressful! When the girls get to wear matching clothes, they think of it as a real ‘occasion’ and will wrestle far less when getting dressed 🙂


With a huge interest in fashion, I greatly believe in expressing yourself through what you wear and that every garment and accessory should reflect a part of your personality as an individual. But, whilst they are still young enough to not put up too much of a fight, I will continue to coordinate their outfits and get the odd matching piece where I can because quite frankly – I don’t think there is anything cuter!

Do you dress your children the same? Let JoJo know why or why not on Twitter along with a photo using the hashtag #JoJoTakeTwo

You can check out the original post on the official JoJo Maman Bébé site here.


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