Post-Baby Summer Wardrobe

There is nothing quite so depressing as that first shopping trip after having a baby… Even after the majority of baby weight has gone, you are a totally different shape and your pre-baby style no longer seems to suit you. My advice would be to hold off on a visit to the shops for as long as you can bear and stick to your trusty yoga pants to see you through until you are feeling more body confident.

Aside from trying to find a new style that is going to suit the new body bestowed on you, if like me, you have the added shopping criteria of ‘suitable for breast feeding’, shopping can just be a massive chore! Well it has been 3 months since having Anastasia and although I’m not back to pre-baby weight and my shape is very different, I am happy with my new ‘mum bod’ and have found some really practical and stylish pieces that I wanted to share with any other new mums on the hunt for a post baby wardrobe! (Click on any pic to be taken to the site).


A loose vest will be your best friend in the heat whilst trying to breastfeed in public and the best I have come across are from Warehouse. They are such a nice shape and are flattering tucked in or worn loose. There is a huge selection of colours and are only £10. STOCK UP! I get through 2 most days thanks to baby vom…


Stretchy Jeans

Whilst I love a good pair of skinny jeans, comfort comes first right now! I’ve just discovered Jack Wills do a brilliant pair of stretchy jeans and they are slightly higher waisted than I normally wear which again, covers any bulges when discreetly breastfeeding.



Dresses are simply out of the question when breast feeding, which is devastating when all you want to do is sling on a maxi and be done with it! So to stay cool, skirts are the only option but trying to find a flattering one for a 30 something is harder than you would think! I picked up a couple at Jack Wills and mix and match them with a selection of my new loose vests.



For those park days when a floaty mini skirt simply isn’t practical, you need a good pair of shorts to rely on. Especially if you have dare devil toddlers like me who regularly need rescuing from the top of climbing frames… Most shorts are just too short these days (and yes I know exactly how I sound when I say that) but I have found these from Zara which are practical and very stylish!



I’m still living in last years boat shoes from M&S, they are literally the most comfortable things I have ever worn so it’s no wonder I headed straight back there to see what they had on offer for Summer ’15! I struck gold with these brilliant suede sandals. The gladiator shoe is massive once again but you rarely find a pair that are actually comfortable. Unless you go to Marksies…


For tips on what to look for when shopping for the ‘breast feeding’ wardrobe, check out my previous post here!


One thought on “Post-Baby Summer Wardrobe

  1. Check out the blog and facebook group “Can I breastfeed in it? UK” they share clothes finds that are easy to breastfeed in and there are heaps of dresses. Krisp dresses are my favourites! Lovely blog, hitting the follow button 🙂


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