Review: Pacapod Madison Changing Bag

It has been a long time coming, but the Madison by Pacapod was certainly worth the wait. This is the latest style in their luxury collection of baby changing bags and I am thrilled to say I am one of the first to receive it! So without further-ado, I have photographed the hell out of it to try and give justice to this beautiful bag but if you get the chance to sample it in the flesh, grab it. This is set to be the next iconic nappy bag and I love it!

Available in soft tan leather, this structured 1960’s style bag with a classic top carry handle is the perfect combination of style and practicality.


The front features two large pockets with magnetic fastenings which makes reaching for your essentials far easier than routing around internal pockets.

This is where I keep my phone, my lipstick and a bag of chocolate buttons (no mum of a toddler should leave the house without these – these are an instant tantrum remedy.)


The chunky gold detail takes it from an ordinary nappy bag to serious arm candy.



The entire front panel zips open to reveal enough space for all your day to day hand bag essentials; the sunnies, wallet, sun creams and anti bac sprays, as well as the bulky necessities such as spare baby clothes and muslins.



At the back is another full zip to access the largest compartment of the bag.



In here are kept Pacapod’s signature Changer and Feeder Pods.



The Changer Pod is big enough for everything you need to change your baby. Nappies, wipes, creams and nappy bags. There are 4 separate compartments within the pod to keep everything incredibly organised…


The pod has a further compartment on the back for the changing mat to be neatly stowed away. These little pods mean you dont need to take the entire bag for a quick nappy change in the restaurant toilets, you can just grab the changing pod and go – genius!


The insulated feeder pod is perfect for keeping food warm and milk bottles cool. We haven’t entered the ‘weaning’ stage with Anastasia yet but this bag is perfect for my older girls. I keep the emergency stash of snacks in here as well as their water bottles.


Again, rather than rummaging through the bag, or taking out a separate lunch bag – I can keep it all in here and only need to take out this bag for food and drinks. It has ruck sack straps on the back too which means the girls enjoy carrying it themselves! 


The bag is slightly larger than most nappy bags, but you would be surprised how quickly you’ll fill it! It means I only ever need one bag to take out with me, and if I ever need more space, I can take out the pods leaving a huge compartment for things like jumpers and blankets for the girls.

The Madison retails at £290 and is available for Pre-Order with an expected delivery mid August. For more information check out the official Pacapod site here.




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