Review: City Premier by Baby Jogger

Already a huge fan of the City Mini Double by Baby Jogger, I was delighted when they got in touch to ask me to review their latest design, the City Premier. We bought the double almost 4 years ago after having Savannah, and it has joined us on every holiday and every major outing since. It has never let us down and has seriously survived the test of time being battered in and out of planes! So did the City Premier live up to my high expectations?


It is everything I loved about the double with the added bonus of a larger storage basket and a hand break (and of course the ease of pushing a single!!).

The large sports like wheels make it incredibly light and easy to manoeuvre and despite the large wheels, it’s incredibly compact which was the biggest appeal to me with the double.


It has 5 seat positions for extra comfort. With just a simple squeeze of the handle under the hood the whole seat can be dropped back to a lie flat position which is perfect for sleeping babies. It can also be front or rear facing depending on what suits your little one.


The Baby Jogger hoods are simply the best! They offer such good coverage plus a UV protection of 50. I was impressed with the hidden magnets to secure the covers on the peek a boo windows, it’s all these little details that makes it feel like a really well thought out design and quality product.


The big wheels make for a super smooth ride for your baby and the front wheels can be locked for complete control on rougher terrains.


I much prefer a break that can be controlled with my hands as opposed to my foot, I find releasing breaks with my feet really ruins the top of my shoes!


You can extend and compress the handle bar easily with a large button on the inside of the bar.


The seat can be released from the frame easily with the little grey buttons either side of the seat, this is how you can change the seat from forward to rear facing.


I am SERIOUSLY impressed with the glider board that attaches to the back of the buggy for Savannah to ride on. I had previously used a generic board for this and found I was constantly smacking my shins on it with every pace I made! It was also very rickety and felt quite unstable when in use and was generally such a palaver to stow away I very rarely used it. In comparison, this board is absolutely brilliant. It feels so secure and to stow away, it literally clips up on to the buggy and you barely notice it’s there!


The downside is that I do now have a very lazy 3 year old…


Finally, we can cross the road safely! Normally it’s a “Right everyone hold on to something or someone!” situation, this little board has made life much easier when I’m on my own with all 3 of them.


The basket is actually really deep, perfect to store your nappy bag and stuff the kids coats in!


A sharp pull on this strap is how you collapse the buggy. It does take a bit of getting used to but once you’ve mastered it, it’s very simple and hassle free.


You can see here how tidy the glider board is when not in use.


Over all, I am very impressed with the buggy and absolutely recommend this as one to consider for your little ones! Another accessory I have but didn’t get photographed is the Premier Foot Muff which I would totally recommend in this freezing cold weather, it’s such piece of mind knowing how warm and cosy Anastasia is!

The City Premier is priced at £449.99, for more details on this buggy you can check out the Baby Jogger official site here.

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