It’s time to try something new… Being a mum is wonderful, the greatest thing I have ever experienced, but sometimes, it’s nice to switch off from “say hello to the sun” and get the creative juices flowing again. So the blog, Scarlettandme – is born! I used to be a digital marketing manager for L’Oreal Paris, I’m still a digital consultant but my real passion is fashion and beauty. I really miss having that excuse to spend endless hours going through Grazia, Vogue and Cosmo for purely “editorial research”, finally I have created a reason to do it all again! From here on, my subscriptions will be renewed… However, as any new mum will tell you – a baby changes your style, it happens to the best of us. So perhaps you won’t be reading about the new Choos hitting the runway, but what I can offer you is how to stay looking stylish from the day your size 10 skinnys refuse to do up until the day you finally burn that hateful nursing bra that will never give you the shape of a Marie Joe.

With every milestone in your pregnancy comes a new fashion challenge, I’m currently pregnant with my second and will not be making the same mistakes as I did in the first…  I want to be able to share my fashion experiences and offer tips and advice on the most cost effective way of looking and feeling fabulous, where to go, when to buy it, where to steer clear from, the best bras (this one I really am an expert on going from a happy D to a ginormous G!), what the celebs are wearing and how to get the look for less, what’s best for breast feeding as well as sharing my beauty experience on how to make yourself feel and look amazing with very little effort!

Along the way, I’ll come across stories I want to share outside of maternity beauty and fashion, most likely revolving around my beautiful 1yr old daughter Scarlett, she’s the face of SMA Formula Milk don’t you know? What she wears gives me as much pleasure as my own wardrobe, and she wears it so well? Suri who!? So I will be sure to include the latest finds in baby and toddler fashion as well as anything else that takes my fancy… enjoy!

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  1. Hi there! I stumbled upon your blog while searching for maternity fashion posts. I have a daughter named Scarlett too and am also pregnant with my second! Very nice blog! I blog about skin care and makeup on beyondthebrushbeauty.com. 🙂


  2. I’m already looking for an old chest to work on – your old toy box reupholstery in Interior design was inspiring and I can’t wait for the follow up nursing chair re-work. x


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