30 Days to Healthy Living

It was my love for luxury skincare and professional make up that drew me in to the Arbonne business, but the time has come to venture in to their ever expanding nutrition range.

Now this is kind of a big deal – I basically survive on a diet of sugar! Constantly running around after my 3 daughters, I make very little time to take care of myself, most mornings I skip breakfast but on a good day I’ll have a crumpet, lunch is usually a packet of maryland cookies which I binge on throughout the day and dinner is whatever scraps are left on the kids plates. When I looked at my diet over the course of the week I was ashamed at how bad I have let it get. I haven’t eaten fruit since I was a baby and veg is something I look forward to when we go out for a Sunday lunch! As a result I am the thinnest I have ever been, have zero energy and it takes me forever to shake off a common cold. It is time I took better care of myself (and that time is after Christmas. Obvs). So, I have decided to take the plunge and get on board with the rest of the world and get healthy in January! I am going to start the 30 Days to Healthy Living program by Arbonne.

So, in a nut shell, I want to tell you about this plan, what it is, how it works, and why we should all be doing it!

What is it?

A 30 day program containing all you need to kick start your body into a healthier version. It is a well thought our plan containing our ultimate daily intake of nutrients. So many of us struggle to get the nutrients we need from food alone, this maybe due to a busy lifestyle or simply having no idea what nutrients we actually need! This is a programme that frankly should be called, “The Dummies Guide to Healthy Living”.

Why do it?

Why not? Our bodies deserve it! I literally can not wait to get started, my poor little body isn’t going to know what to do it with itself after all these years of neglect! I know a lot of people will do this for weight loss, but my main reason is to feel well and have more energy so that I can enjoy my days with my children.

I know there will be a lot of people out there that don’t believe in these plans, a lot will say that a good balanced diet is all you need, and to an extent this is true – but even the Food Standards Agency recommends adding dietary supplements for optimal health as to get everything we need in a day from food alone, would require a serious amount of calories!

Why Arbonne?


Arbonne leave out the bad stuff, and the shakes taste amazing 🙂


• Vegan certified, no animal ingredients – plant based proteins are far easier for our bodies to process than meats. It also means that we are dairy free which is essential for optimal health, we should all try to avoid lactose (milk sugar).
• Gluten free
• No artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners – you wont find any of the nasties in this stuff!
• No trans fat
• No high fructose corn syrup or fructose
• High bioavailability – which basically means the nutrients in these products will be absorbed very efficiently, vitamins that are not bioavailable quite literally go straight through you!
• Low glycemic index (with the Protein Shake powders) which means it will have minimal impact on your sugar levels.

What Benefits can we expect?

Now everyone is different and what one person experiences will be different to another. My friend Kate did this a few months ago and I literally watched her body transform – she lost 6kg in 30 days, but as I am not doing this to lose weight, what was most appealing to me is the other benefits this program can give you. She noticed healthier hair and nails, better skin, slept better and had considerably more energy throughout the day. She also has 2 children and a hectic lifestyle and said that what she loved most is how easy this is to do!



Kate knows her stuff when it comes to nutrition and is going to be running a support group on Facebook in January to help keep us going!

So what do you get? 

There is a choice of two 30 day packages to go for:

Either the Protein Shake or the Meal Replacement, other than the big bags – the rest of the package is the same. I am personally going for the Meal Replacement as this involves very little effort!


  • Arbonne Essentials Protein Shake Powder OR Meal Replacement shakes (1 in chocolate and 1 in vanilla) 
  • Arbonne Essentials Energy Fizz Sticks (1 pack in citrus and 1 in pomegranate)
  • Arbonne Essentials Daily Fibre Boost 
  • Arbonne Essentials Digestion Plus 
  • Arbonne Essentials Herbal Infusion Blend (2 packs) 
  • Arbonne Essentials Omega-3 Plus

A typical day on the 30 days programme:

What I like about this “typical day” is that there is very little effort required from me – pretty much all of it comes in the 30 days pack! Just a lunch to think about, I have heard M&S do some ready made meals that tick all the boxes for what we can and can’t eat so being a fussy eater that seems like the easiest option!

  • Healthy breakfast and/or Meal Replacement or Protein Shake with Digestion Plus
  • Healthy lunch
  • Energy Fizz Sticks
  • Healthy dinner and/or Meal Replacement or Protein Shake with a scoop of Daily Fibre Boost
  • 30 minutes of activity
  • Herbal Infusion Blend

What happens after?

Well it’s up to you how much of the plan you carry on with, Kate kept up the meal replacement shakes for no other reason than convenience – so much easier when on the go with kids in the morning! She also took digestion plus when she remembered with her meals and genuinely fell in love with the detox tea so had one of those each night too – but what is interesting was that even though she was introducing “naughty” foods back in to her diet, she actually continued losing weight for the next month! She puts this down to having a healthier gut that was simply more efficient at digesting her food. Kate really is my inspiration come 2017 and I am very fortunate to also have her as a neighbour to pop in and keep me motivated long after January!

So how much is it?!

As a complete pack you can take advantage of a 40% discount.

Meal Replacement pack – £211.80

Protein Shakes pack – £203.40

These are preferred client prices so if you are not already a PC you can set yourself up for £17 to get a 20% discount on all other products in the Arbonne portfolio for 12 months as well as claim a free gift up to the value of £42 with this order (I recommend something from our skincare range!).

To purchase either of these kits go to my site at fayejacobs.arbonne.com

Now if this all looks a bit terrifying to you, and you wanted to ease yourself into this program, I would advise getting the following:

  • Meal Replacement Shakes
  • Fizz Sticks (Citrus my fave!)
  • Digestion Plus
  • Herbal Tea

This will save you money however you wont take advantage of the 40% discount you get on the value pack.

Our Facebook support group is going to start in January so check it out here and join up! You will hear from our nutritional experts, get round the clock support, read stories from others on the program, ask any questions you have along the way, exercise advice, recipe ideas and SO MUCH MORE! Doing this as a group is the only way I have any chance of seeing it through!

Screen Shot 2016-12-22 at 10.59.00.png

With this pack you are given a manual with all the details you could possible need about this program, so along with the Facebook group you will get all the support you need.

If you have any questions about this program then you can drop me a mail at fayejacobs@hotmail.com or leave a comment below.

See you in January! Now go have a happy and over indulgent week 😉 xx


My Journey With Arbonne!

Something rather exciting happened to me last month and I wanted to share this with you and also apologise for being MIA on the blogoshere these past few months. Hopefully this will explain why…

I, like many other mums, gave up my career to start a family. I loved my job in Digital Marketing managing some of the most high profile brands in the world and was truly gutted the day I handed in my notice. But the truth is, going back to the office hours and long commute to London meant missing out on precious time with my daughter and when a choice of the 2 had to be made, family obviously won. I have dabbled in many things since having Scarlett, from events management, digital marketing consulting, feature writing, even modelling! I had accepted that my time to relaunch my career properly would be when the girls were grown up. It turns out this is not something I have to wait for any longer…

I am now proud to say I am a Network Marketing Professional, back in the luxury beauty business and work alongside the most incredible team of inspirational and motivational people that make me raise my game every day. I have never before been a part of something this exciting!

5 months ago I said yes to this opportunity and I have never looked back. I actually wrote the basics of what this business involves in an earlier post Network Marketing: What’s it all about? I wrote this in my first month of setting up this business so had no idea of all the other immeasurable benefits this business offered. The personal development that comes with it surprises me every day. This business has given me so much confidence to meet new people and I can talk with complete conviction and passion when it comes to my work. I have been presenting power points for over 10 years back in the corporate world, and honestly I dreaded every single one of them. But now I am presenting to rooms full of like minded people and love every second of it. I am talking about something that matters to me and I hope that what I am saying will matter to them. My approach to work is so different now, I want to help people and have no agenda in doing so. I am learning every day and becoming a better version of myself in the process.


Here I am presenting my ‘story to Area Manager’ at a multi region training event.


This was taken at a recent training event, myself and Kate were awarded gifts as recognition for our achievements. Kate was Global Sales Director for an oil and gas company and is one of the newest members of my team and already a District Manager in qualification.

Last month, less than 5 months in to starting this business I celebrated my second promotion and broke records in our Region in doing so. I am now an Area Manager and Independent Consultant for Arbonne!


Celebrating with my friend Hannah, a Solicitor specialising in family law and a District Manager for Arbonne. We both promoted in the same month!

I had so much support from the guys in my team and just as I am with them, they were rooting for me to achieve my goals. My wonderful sponsor Nina treated me to this beautiful gift for a job well done and I have been contacted by consultants around the world congratulating me or seeking advice which I genuinely love to give back.


Not a diamond in site and yet still one of my most precious items of jewellery!

The next step is the one most recognised in the business, it’s Regional Vice President and that’s when you get the white Mercedes. I am so close I can smell it!

Network Marketing is a credible and reputable business endorsed by some of the top entrepreneurs in the world – Richard Branson for one! Every networking brand has a different approach, and whilst not all are an approach I would partake in, I support this industry whole heartedly and respect all brands that choose to sell through this platform.

When I joined this business 5 people close to me saw the potential and joined with me. Between us, we have 6 promotions and have grown the team to 30 professional men and women. This number will be even higher before the month is out! I can not believe how quickly this is growing, and can’t begin to convey in a blog post just how exciting this is! We are already making our plans for our trip to Vegas in April to attend the annual conference where over 22,000 consultants meet from around the world in a bid to succeed and grow our business.


Celebratory dinner with these two network marketing legends, Regional Vice President Nina Alexander and National Vice President Ella Harper!

The best bit about this is watching the people you have introduced succeed. I couldnt believe this to be true when I first joined, but I get it now. Watching my friends and my sisters grow their business and love this as much as me is what keeps me going. Being able to offer the ultimate work life balance is what this business is all about. When you take in to account the cost of childcare and travel, just 5 months in I am already earning more than if I had gone back to work at Directors level! I haven’t needed 1 minute additional childcare to start this business, most of my “meetings” are carried out over play dates or lunches at pizza express with the kids, and monthly training and team strategy meetings can be accessed via zoom in the evenings once the children are in bed.

It’s wonderful being back in the driving seat of my career and contributing financially to the household once more, I wake up grateful every day for the life that I am now living and would like to take this opportunity to give special thanks to my family, my friends and especially to my husband for supporting me every step of the way. xx


Network Marketing With Arbonne: What Is It All About?

Last month I joined the Network Marketing hype and decided to set myself up as an Arbonne Independent Consultant. Network Marketing essentially means utilising the network you have to promote a product. There are no catches in this, it’s simply an alternative method for brands to sell their product outside of the ‘normal’ retail channels. I have had a lot of questions about my decision to join this scheme so thought I would put together a post for my network to read to get a very honest and better understanding of how this system works and why it is right for me.

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 12.12.54

My Story…

It was at a children’s birthday party that I first met Nina, my sponsor. We started chatting about life, kids, work, the usual chat – and we discovered we had lots in common, mutual friends, career plans, and the desire to earn extra money for a more luxury lifestyle! She briefly spoke to me about her career as a Makeup Artist and said that she also works as a Vice President for Arbonne. It all sounded very glam and it certainly explained the Chanel hand bag and brand new Merc 😉 She asked me to get in touch with an opportunity for how I can get in on the action!

We met up and I grilled Nina on the ins and outs of the Arbonne industry and how someone like me could work with a brand like this. So here are the facts as I understand them…

Arbonne is a luxury beauty, skincare and nutrition brand with a fancy Swiss heritage (the reason the Swiss bit is relevant is because anyone in the “beauty know” understands that to be Swiss approved means the product has to be EXCEPTIONAL!). The products are designed for the whole family; men, woman and children. But it was the cruelty free aspect that really impressed me when talking about this brand. All the ingredients are botanical and the brand has never and will never test on animals. Arbonne is the Number 1 approved beauty brand by PETA – and you do not get a bigger endorsement than that… The science that goes into these products is fascinating and has certainly made me think twice about the ingredients in the other products I have been using.

I have tried a number of Arbonne products and can say hand on heart – I am massively impressed, so much so I have made the switch from many of my long time favourite luxury products to Arbonne equivalents.

So How Does It Work As A Business?

Basically Arbonne rely on Network Marketing to generate sales. They don’t waste their budget on advertising and all the usual channels of getting their products in store – instead they get their loyal fans to recommend the products and in return for this, the fans get a rather hefty commission bonus! In the US they are already the 4th most popular beauty brand which is seriously impressive when the leading 3 brands sell through the more usual channels and media advertising. This really is a case of the product selling itself.

What Do I have To Do? 

Essentially you buy your own website, mine is fayejacobs.arbonne.com this cost me £56. Now I have my site, my job is to direct people to this site to generate sales, and for every sale I make, I get a commission. And that is it. My job is done. There is no exchange of cash, no dispatching of products, no stock issues, the order goes directly to Arbonne and they take care of everything – I just get a figure into my bank account at the end of the month. This very quickly adds up! In addition, if I introduce new people to represent this brand, I also get a commission on the sales they generate. And if they introduce someone; I get the commission on those sales too! The year on year growth of this brand is insane, and once you are in – you’re in, those sales just keep on coming and everyone feels the benefits.

Now when I get to this point in my explanation of the Arbonne scheme – I’m hit with ‘Oh OK like a pyramid scheme?’ well I’m embarrassed to say, I dont really understand the whole pyramid scheme thing, all I know is that this was made illegal in the 80’s due to people losing fortunes, so I can say with total certainty – this is not a pyramid scheme! It quickly became apparent to me that those suggesting this, actually didn’t know themselves what a pyramid scheme is, but it’s natural that sometimes there will be negativity with the unknown and that is just something that comes with the job when talking to people about this business. There is no risk, as other than the £56 to buy your site, there are no other costs you need to pay. You may choose to buy some samples (using a big discount) so that you can let people try the products, but it is not essential. So when I hear that there are reviews online saying this is a scam and not to do it because you’ll lose all your money, I get really confused?! as there is no money to invest!

Why This Is Right For Me…

The result of this type of work is 100% effort led. Meaning the more you put in, the more you will get out. With 3 kids under 5, I can’t commit to more than 8 hours a week on this, there is no one to tell you to do more or less, you are totally your own boss which suits me!

My background and my current profession is as a freelance digital marketing consultant, so I plan to use the knowledge I have to drive traffic to the site, but having said that, there is no denying that the real success of this business comes from personal recommendations and a good network of supportive friends and family. My husband has been so supportive throughout my journey so far, he has already put me in touch with new clients from his office that will only use Vegan friendly products! Your network is far greater than you initially think… 🙂

Last week I hosted my first party with the help of Nina and I loved every minute of it – I thought I would keep this business purely digital – but the make up & skincare masterclass combined with bucks fizz and home made cupcakes (Arbonne themed and made by my lovely friend!) was such a wonderful girly night that I intend to host one of these every month! (ps – Do get in touch if you would like to host one of these with your friends!)


Could It Work For You?

Absolutely. If you have an interest in beauty, skincare or nutrition and a supportive network of friends and family, it’s a really fun lifestyle job that if you really wanted to put the time into, could quite literally change your life. There are 4 tiers in the Arbonne heirachy, and it if you want it badly enough, it doesn’t take long to climb them as it is completely limitless how far you can go. Nina, the friend that introduced me, picked up the keys to her White Mercedes just 25 months after joining Arbonne (a little perk for the Vice Presidents!) and with 3 young boys, a baby on the way and a profession as a make up artist – I fully believe her when she says she honestly doesn’t put more than 15 hours a week into this. She is currently soaking up the atmosphere at the Arbonne conference in Vegas which I will be attending next year.


This is Nina in the middle after being awarded her white Mercedes!

I have been doing this for less than 6 weeks and have already introduced 5 friends to this opportunity, like me they fell in love with the products and could instantly see the potential in the business. One of them has already introduced 2 further friends! You see how quickly this grows!? And this brand is global, so if you are reading this in Australia – get in touch!

I hope that I have given justice with my explanation of this venture, it’s so hard not to come across as a door to door sales person when trying to talk about this on paper! If you have any questions and think this might be quite a nice type of work to fit around your lifestyle, or might just be interested in giving the products a go, then please do get in touch!


Mother And Baby Photo-Shoot

Today was spent at my sisters studio for an impromptu photo-shoot with Anastasia. I was worried that I had left it too late to capture those new born moments, but actually, after today I totally recommend waiting until around the 7 month mark to book your shoot so that their little personalities really shine through in the photos.

I am so delighted with these beautiful shots of my baby girl that I thought I would share them with you, here are some of my favourite pics of the day…








Thank you so much Lorna for such beautiful photographs and for capturing such special moments, they will be cherished forever. xxx

AW16 Fashion Show, The Mall Camberley

Saturday marked the end of the 2 week fashion event at The Mall in Camberley with a full Autumn Winter ’16 Fashion Show. Hayley at Frock Me I’m Famous and myself hosted the event and styled 10 models each to highlight the trends available at stores in The Mall.

With help from my BFF behind the scenes, 5 of my nieces and nephews modelling the clothes and a sister snapping some professional shots of the event – I certainly felt more confident up on stage this time around!

Here are some pics of the day…

Hayley and I being introduced on stage by the lovely MC Lucy!

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 08.09.10

First up was my niece Olivia wearing a French Connection ribbed crop top and navy jeans, bag by Accessorize, and jacket and patent brogues by Primark.

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 08.22.08

Quite a looker eh? You can check out her beauty vlogs here

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 08.03.49

Next we have Claudia, Olivia’s sister, she is wearing a long white shirt buttoned to the collar (she seemed too young for the statement necklace which I would normally put with this style), a leather-look waterfall style jacket – both by Miss Selfridge, fail safe Primark skinny jeans which cost just £7!!! and these fabulous little patent ballet pumps from Accessorize.  Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 08.08.57

Such a beaut!

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 08.09.25

And this gorgeous thing is the youngest of the sisters – Saskia. She is wearing head to toe Primark and looks a million dollars.

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 08.09.07

Saskia certainly had the best walk of the day, there was some serious attitude going down the runway!

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 08.09.27

This is Hayley, the fashion expert and blogger who hosted the show with me. You can check out her blog here… Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 08.08.54

And on to the men… This is James – my eldest nephew, I was asked several times if he was a professional model (not that I would tell him that! We would never hear the end of it!). He is sporting the seasons sheepskin in this classic Levi’s jacket, Criminal shirt and slim fit 511’s – all available at House of Fraser. Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 08.09.16

Taking a moment!

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 08.09.12

Here they are, the Anstee boys. giving ‘The Face’ a run for its money…Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 08.09.33

In addition to the show, myself and Hayley were set a challenge to dress a model each from head to toe for less than £50 in a Style War. Hayley followed the seventies trend with the suedette skirt and tasselled accessories and I opted for a classic trench coat and breton stripe combo. The audience were left to decide who won and I was very pleased that they voted my outfit to win!Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 08.09.18

Here come the girls…Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 08.09.35

And here I am walking the runway with my family of models in the background 🙂 Last time I did this was for a Mini Miss competition in Ibiza when I was about 7 years old!
Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 08.09.38

I absolutely loved the whole experience from selecting the outfits, choreographing the models and finally presenting the show. I’m very much looking forward to what Spring Summer ’16 has to offer!

Images displayed on this post are the property of Lorna Anstee Photography. Please get in touch if you wish to use any images. 

My Fashion Workshop at The Mall, Camberley

I was recently approached by a PR agency working on several events around the country to promote various shopping malls and the brands within them. The event they contacted me regarding is called Fall For Me and is part of a 2 week fashion extravaganza being held at my local shopping centre, The Mall in Camberley. My brief was to present the shows as the Fashion Expert / Blogger, style all of the models and help choreograph the events on the day. With a background in marketing and a huge interest in fashion, I felt confident I could deliver so jumped at the chance to get involved!

After several conference calls between myself, the agency and the marketing manager of the mall, we met the heads of the retail partners involved to select which clothes to use that best highlight the trends of AW16. The main retailers I used were House of Fraser, Monsoon, Accessorize and Primark.

After checking the schedule for these events, I soon realised I needed extra help if I was going to pull this off! So I called in the help of my good friend and fashionista Yasmin Bond, who helped with the finishing touches and selecting the accessories for the models.


Yasmin and I backstage at the Fashion Workshop event


The first event which was held on 19th September was the Fashion Workshop. Here I was asked to discuss the current trends and how to wear them, offer some lifestyle and wardrobe tips, and showcase these trends and tips on 8 models in front of an audience at The Mall in Camberley.


Arriving early before The Mall was open!

So after arriving at the marketing suite of the mall, we met with the rest of the team and models for a quick debrief on how the day would run and then it was time to get make up sorted and outfits ready.


The endless rails of clothes I had handpicked from the retail partners ahead of the event.


Matching the clothes to the models!


Shoes, shoes, and more shoes. And boots.


Dressing the models ready for the stage!

I also called in the aid of an old school friend and Make Up artist Nicola Waters who made up each of the models keeping the looks relevant to the trends featured on the AW16 runways. She kept the complexions fresh with a dewy finish, eyes were mostly natural shades of brown and the lips were coloured in the seasons warm berries. Each of the models looked and felt absolutely beautiful.


Even the boys got to enjoy a quick session with our beauty expert!

I gave a quick talk to the models offering tips on how to pose and how best to show off the clothes and accessories, before making our way down stairs to the stage…


Probably one of my favourite parts of the event. If there is one thing I know, it is how to pose…

I was incredibly nervous about the presenting part of this work… Styling? no problem. Project management? no problem. Script writing? no problem. Public speaking? slight issue with this one… The nerves got the better of me for the first show at 12 and the slight technical hitch with the microphones didn’t help! but by 2pm when the second show started I was feeling loads more confident and was happy to walk on stage when the MC Lucy introduced me.


Lucy calling me up on stage at the 12pm show


And I’m up! Legs are shaking, voice is low…


Sharing a mic after my ear piece fell out! Not ideal…


And this was the 2pm show, quick outfit change into this little French Connection dress and I was far more confident!

After a quick breakdown of the current trends of Autumn Winter 2016 and a few lifestyle tips (you can read my full script here including all of the trends I mentioned), we introduced the models and I talked through their clothes and accessories.


Here they all are on stage at the end of the first show.

The models were actually competition winners with no experience in modelling and I only had dress sizes and heights to work with when selecting their outfits. This was perhaps the most challenging part of the brief! I was so lucky that each of the models were confident and wore all the clothes I selected for them absolutely perfectly. There was a huge risk of nothing fitting or suiting the models having not seen any of them before the event, but luckily – everything worked and they all looked fab!

Here are a few of the outfits we showcased on the day.


Mel looked fab in the biker chic trend wearing a French Connection shirt and jacket, Monsoon jeans and Primark heels.


Roselyn is following the Victorian trend in a lace top and jacquard print trousers, both from Monsoon. The shoes are Primark, £16!


Vanessa demonstrating how to wear the seasons tribal prints! Jacket from Monsoon, polo neck from House of Fraser and seventies inspired jeans from Monsoon.


All together!!

This was the perfect warm up to the real event taking place next saturday at The Mall in Camberley, the full Autumn Winter 2016 Fashion Show. The stage is bigger, there is a 6m runway, there will be 20 models (including 6 of my gorgeous nieces and nephews) and even a style war between myself and another fashion blogger Hayley, at Frock Me I’m Famous (who incidentally is absolutely lovely and you should go check out her blog!). If you are anywhere near the Mall in Camberley on 26th Sept, please do come along, it’s set to be a really good show and of course there will be free goody bags!

Press Event: The Natural Baby Shower Flagship Store Opening

Anastasia and I have just returned from a really fantastic press event held to celebrate the Natural Baby Showers flagship store opening in Bagshot, Surrey. We were given a private and very exclusive show round of their luxury products before the store opens to the public in tomorrows grand opening!

I first came across this brand online almost 5 years ago when pregnant with Scarlett, they had the best selection of Merino Kids at the very best prices! They are still soaring online with special offers and a huge collection of luxury baby bits but now, they have opened an actual store where you can buy, try and browse the very best in baby paraphernalia! And the best bit of all? It’s opened less than 5 minutes from my home. Result!


The store is situated just off the high street with its own parking.

The whole experience of this store was fabulous from the moment I entered. The knowledge of the staff is superb which is exactly what you need when shopping for a baby, and the selection of brands is seriously impressive. It was so refreshing walking into a baby store and not to be greeted with the same old products and brands, I was particularly impressed with their collection of prams – check this little beauty out by Mima!


Mima, Xari 3-in-1 pushchair


I was in Merino heaven… Such an impressive collection of merino, organic and ethically sourced clothes that make beautiful new baby gifts!


The Aden & Anais display was particularly impressive!


Only the best, high quality wooden toys – my girls particularly love the cake stand by Le Toy Van!

Upstairs the rooms are divided to display their luxury nursery collections (including Boori – my favourite!), as well as offering a spacious dressing area so that you may try on their selection of maternity wear or perhaps want some privacy to feed your baby.


As a Brand Ambassador we got very excited when we saw this Babymoov display upstairs!


Plenty of space to sample the pushchairs, the car seats are coming soon!

The team at Natural Baby Shower believe it to be imperative that they know everything there is to know about the products they sell so that they can advise their customers properly and offer the best possible experience instore. It also helps that they all seem totally baby mad!


Victoria, Founder of The Natural Baby Shower holding a very content Anastasia!

Chatting to Victoria, mum of 4 and founder of the Natural Baby Shower, it was obvious how determined she was to make this the ultimate shopping experience for new mums and mums to be. In the not too distant future she even plans to start a Baby Concierge service which just sounds amazing and an absolute godsend when you don’t know where to start with your pregnancy and baby shopping! I’ll tell you more about this once it’s launched.


Great selection of premium nappy bags including Storksak, Pacapod and Babymel

I am delighted to have such a beautiful store on my door step that stocks pretty much all of my favourite mummy and baby brands, never again will I be stuck without a gift! Here is a taster of some of the luxury brands they stock either online or in-store…

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 14.02.25

Make sure you check back on here soon, we are currently working together on a rather fabulous new baby competition 🙂


To all of my local subscribers – be sure to check it out and support our local community you absolutely won’t be disappointed, and to those who are just too far away, you can still take advantage of the special offers and stunning packaging by shopping online here


The grand and official opening is May 30th 2015 at Windlebrook House, Guildford Road, Bagshot, Surrey, GU19 5NG.

It’s going to be celebrated with generous offers, designer giveaways and a free luxury gift wrapping service with every purchase, so pop on by if you can 🙂 

My Guest Post For JoJo Maman Bébé: Sisters United By Fashion

I never thought I would be a mum that dresses her children in matching outfits, I have enough embarrassing photos from my own childhood to put me off doing the same! And this was certainly not a look I wanted to associate with…


But I have to say – on the odd occasion that I do dress my girls in matching clothes for a party or just playing at home, it gives them a sort of unity that I love! It makes me so proud that they are instantly recognisable as sisters.


They are only 18 months apart in age, which was quite tough in the early days but they have a very special sisterly bond now. With such a small age gap, it also means they are generally into the same thing. Mostly Anna and Elsa… So whilst their little personalities couldn’t be more different, it’s handy for me that they will happily play with the same toys and choose the same film at the cinema.  When it comes to clothes, they are happy to be dressed differently – but if one is wearing a dress and you try to put the other in trousers, you may as well write the whole day off there and then.


My girls LOVE dresses. The first thing my eldest daughter Scarlett will ask when she sees a new dress is “Does it go up?” by this she means, can she spin in it and will it twirl like the dresses on Strictly! It is now a test that every dress needs to pass before purchase otherwise neither her or Savannah will wear it.


There are many reasons for and against dressing your children the same. One negative for me, is that I rely on the eldest to have outgrown her clothes ready for my other daughter to be in them the year after – it saves a fortune and I’m not sure how this would really work if they already had the same wardrobes! I suppose that is what is great about shopping at JoJo’s. So many ‘buy 2 and get £5 off’ offers 🙂



A ‘pro’ is it certainly helps with the washing, and makes finding the days outfit for each child far less stressful! When the girls get to wear matching clothes, they think of it as a real ‘occasion’ and will wrestle far less when getting dressed 🙂


With a huge interest in fashion, I greatly believe in expressing yourself through what you wear and that every garment and accessory should reflect a part of your personality as an individual. But, whilst they are still young enough to not put up too much of a fight, I will continue to coordinate their outfits and get the odd matching piece where I can because quite frankly – I don’t think there is anything cuter!

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Just Another Birth Story

We are so fortunate to have one of the best hospitals in the country on our door step, Frimley Park – well known for having one of the finest new maternity suites around – rumour has it there is even mood lighting above the luxury birthing pools! So that is exactly where I intended to welcome our latest addition to the family. However, this was not to be my birth story…

Officially a week over due, I had been experiencing some discomfort for a few days, but it never really seemed to get going. Looking back now, I actually think this discomfort was in fact the early stages of labour. I was already aware that the baby couldn’t physically be positioned any lower in my pelvis which was great, it meant that its journey was shorter so in theory would be quicker!

Well, at 12.34am on Sat 4th April, I woke in bed to a reasonably strong contraction and thought ‘Oooh. this might actually be it.’ I checked the clock so I could work out from the next one the distance between them, it was about 4 minutes so I text Paul who was probably playing his PS4 downstairs without a care in the world to say “I think this is it!” He came rushing up in a panic and before I could finish my sentence my waters broke in bed! Ewwwwwwww!!!! Blind panic hit us both as my waters hadn’t broken on the other 2 labours until minutes before the babies were born…

I got straight into the bathroom to reduce any ‘mess’ and waited for the waters to pass. In the mean time Paul was phoning around to get a Grandparent their asap to watch the girls! I got dressed quickly and we went downstairs to wait for Paul’s mum to arrive before heading to the hospital, another contraction hit and this time, I felt the urge to push… THIS WAS NOT HAPPENING!!! Paul called the midwives at the hospital and explained there really wasn’t much time, they advised he call 999 and that a midwife was on her way.

Paul called the emergency services and then relayed the conversation telling me I needed to take off my trousers. shit. just. got. real. I was having this baby at home!!! So I managed to make it back up the stairs and into the bathroom. It was starting to hurt a lot at this point so without hesitation I stripped down to my bra and got into the most comfortable position possible. This was on all fours with my face basically in the bin, one arm wrapped around the toilet with the other clutching onto the side of the bath. Hideous. But the bathroom is tiny and options were limited! The pushing stage was well and truly upon me and there was no sign of any paramedics or a midwife, all I had was me and the reassuring words of Paul on the phone to emergency services…

“What? You want me to put my hands up there?”

“Are you serious?”

“Ahhh mate. I can’t do that.”

“O my god. Really?”

“No there is something coming out. O my god.”

“O Jesus it’s dripping, there’s blood and all sorts of stuff coming out. Oh god.”

“Yeah I think it’s a head. O my god.”

“You need to hurry up.”

“Seriously where the fuck are you.”

“O my god. Yeah theres loads coming out. O my god.” 

This went on for what felt like a life time.

Finally the paramedics arrived with about 2 minutes to spare before the baby was born at 1.15!

My body went into total shock and I immediately got the shakes. I needed to get in the bath, but of course the placenta hadn’t been delivered yet and the midwife was still not there! So it was a combined effort to get me, the chord and the baby into the bath where I could relax a little bit. Then came the placenta. Gross. At this point the midwife arrived and took away all the nasties I didn’t want to see because honestly, the bathroom looked like a murder scene and I can’t ever imagine relaxing in that bath again.

There was one very big reason I never wanted a home birth – and that was the mess. I am totally neurotic about our beautiful home that I have put heart and soul into decorating and furnishing. I am more than aware of how ridiculous it is to own a rug I don’t let people walk on, or a sofa only adults are allowed to sit on and especially to own tea towels that are ‘for show’ only. So it’s no surprise that even amidst the total trauma of this unexpected delivery, I couldn’t help notice the dirty shoes of the paramedics on my cream carpet, I couldn’t believe it when the midwife grabbed my White Company dressing gown to wrap around me and when she suggested ‘stitching me up’ on my 400TC Egyptian Cotton bedlinen it just about tipped me over the edge. Still, we got on with it. It just meant more work for Paul the next morning.

The labour was pretty horrific, as all labours are – but at least it was quick. It was the 72 hours afterwards that I really suffered, the ‘afterpains’ could only be compared to the later stages of labour, the agony was unbearable and the combination of paracetamol and ibuprofen barely touched the sides.  I was totally bed bound for the first 36 hours. Apparently I am blessed with an efficient uterus that did 5 days worth of work returning to it’s original spot in just 6 hours. Ouchie. Thankfully, on day 6 the pains have almost gone. It’s just severe boob engorgement to deal with now that actually prevents me closing my arms properly as I have boob coming out of my armpit. Niiiiiice. I will be pleased when this week is over and my body settles down!

Anyway, that was that. That was the birth story of my new baby! Who might I just add was worth every horrible minute of it! She is an absolute delight! We didn’t have a name already planned, we assumed that when we found out if she was a boy or a girl a name would just come to us – well it didn’t. It has taken 5 days of endless searching but finally we have agreed on a name we both love.

Anastasia Grace Jacobs

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 21.12.55

Definition: Anastasia’s meaning relates to resurrection, making it an apt choice for an Easter or spring baby.

She has fitted perfectly into our family!


And Scarlett and Savannah couldn’t love her more…


40 Week Update

A post no blogger will be happy about writing! It’s weird how you can survive 40 long weeks of pregnancy whilst there is a due date ahead, but every hour that passes thereafter feels like a lifetime. I have served my 9 months – Where is my baby???!!!  So anyway, as I have nothing but time on my hands right now, I thought I would put together one of these little pregnancy templates to tell you how I’m feeling…

How far along: 40 weeks + 2 days

Size of baby: Worryingly large. I am only measuring 36cm so my bump appears quite small, but the midwife was quick to tell me that is because the baby is so compact and has dropped so much. It’s of a very “healthy” size – and I think we all know what that means. FYI Savannah was 9lb 8oz.

Total weight gain: Hang on I’ll go check… HOLY CRAP I was not expecting that. OK so I think I was about 8st 10lbs pre pregnancy, I have gained 32lbs – don’t waste time doing the maths just move along to the next point please. Also its evening and I’m wearing jeans ok?

Stretch marks: No, thankfully. Which is seriously lucky as I have been rubbish with skincare this time around. I have heard horror stories of these appearing after the birth though so I’m not counting my chickens just yet.

Maternity clothes: I’m currently living in my faithful H&M over the bump jeans and a couple of long sleeved Isabella Oliver tops, if I open up the rest of the maternity wardrobe it’s like accepting I have longer to go and I am sooooo ready to pack this wardrobe up now!

Pregnancy Symptoms: Still chucking up most mornings which is nice! Acid reflux literally making me feel like my throat is on fire. General back / rib pains. Unbelievably tired, as I wake up every night at least 3 times for a wee or just for no reason whatsoever and can’t get back to sleep again. Nails are growing too quickly and I’m not getting my moneys worth from my gels!

Best part of the week: Thai Foot Massage. So confident this baby is going to take AGES to come, I have booked it again for next week. It was amazing…

Food Cravings: Sugar. Lots and lots of sugar. Easter is not my friend right now. I literally can not stop buying eggs. My girls are loving it! Ahhhhh that’ll explain that weight gain then…

Food Aversions: Anything that requires effort to put together.

Last Midwife Appt: So apparently she could only feel 1/5th of the head as it is so low into my pelvis. I am pretty sure it has been there a while which is why I am so uncomfortable. It honestly feels like I am going to break the little ones neck every time I sit down – but the midwife promised me this hasn’t happened before so is quite unlikely.

Sex: Err, no thanks. Oh I see, no we don’t know the sex. Paul desperate for a boy as his weekends are taken over by ballet classes and Princess movies at the cinema. Also someone mentioned something about having 3 weddings to pay for and I literally watched the colour drain from his face. Bound to be another girl 🙂

Belly Button: What belly button? It’s gone! No sign of it whatsoever! Hope that comes back.

Birth Plan: Birthing pool and gas and air. A lot of gas and air. This is what I have done previously and in my head this is how it is going to go again, if that pool isn’t free then I’m pretty sure I am heading straight into panic mode!

How I’m Feeling: I’m in total limbo right now, haven’t made any social plans because I just don’t know what is around the corner! Every day is dragging and I’m filled with guilt that I’m not doing enough with the girls. I’m just desperate to get this little baby out so we can all start living again and having fun!

Scarlett and Savannah: Scarlett is beyond excited! She wants to look after the baby by herself, for it to sleep in her room and ever since feeding a bottle of milk to a goat at a farm party we went to – wants to be wholly responsible for feeding him / her. Lets see how long that one lasts! Savannah on the other hand, is in denial.

Ready?: Are you ever? My checklist is complete and the hospital bag is packed and I think I know what I am doing 3rd time around, but as Savannah taught me – no 2 babies are the same so until this little monkey makes his or her appearance I really have no idea what is to come!


So there it is. Pregnancy at 40 weeks. Hopefully the next time I write to you it’ll be to show off the new addition to the family!

Wish me luck! xx