Toddler Fashionistas

So I sold my soul to the devil this week and agreed to take part in a press article about ‘Toddler Fashionistas’… I was approached by a Features Writer at a major media agency who stumbled across this blog and felt I would be a good subject for a piece about children who perhaps have slightly more than they really need.

Working in marketing with close connections to the press and PR industries I am more than aware that this ‘toddler fashionistas’ article will be spun into a dreadful article about a mother that would sooner starve her own children before letting them leave the house in Primark, but even with this in mind, I wanted to take part as I thought it would be a fun piece of memorabilia to add to the girls keepsakes! The Photographer and Features Writer arrived at our home on Monday morning to gather the pieces that would make a controversial story – Scarlett in my Kurt Geigers and pretending to drive the Porsche, Savannah raiding mummy’s Mulberry bag, and some strategically placed Ralph Lauren dresses scattered across the floor of their bedrooms. But the truth is, we couldn’t be more normal! If the girls are in labels, it is either because I picked up a bargain at TK Maxx, Paul bought it back from the states, or I saved my pennies and bought it in the sales! Still, they wanted to write it and felt there would be interest so I happily cooperated.

Never one to miss an opportunity like this, I immediately contacted some of my favourite designer children’s brands to see if they would like to be included in this feature by donating some clothes – and to my delight, they did!

The video interview will take place this week so each of the brands have agreed to send items from their new collections so that the girls could wear them and today, probably the most special gift any little girl could receive has arrived… Scarlett’s first tutu!


Angel’s Face is the ultimate brand for tutus. The tutus are so beautiful, part of you would rather frame it than risk your toddler wearing it and getting it dirty! The packaging makes the clothes very special and something that you would cherish forever.


With this fabulous tutu pettiskirt, came this beautiful vest and probably the most stylish toddler cardigan I have ever seen. It has studded angels wings on the back! Simply stunning.  If you are looking for a very special gift for a special little girl, look no further than here.


Now whilst JoJo Maman Bébé isn’t exactly designer, it is certainly high-end high-street when it comes to toddler fashion and the first stop for good quality staples. Both girls have been totally kitted out in classic breton stripes and beautiful florals and outside of this shoot, I can’t wait to take the girls out looking so smart!



Merino Kids kindly donated samples from their latest collection of nightwear meaning both girls are sleeping in the ultimate luxury. I have a separate post to follow regarding this brand because they really are such beautiful pyjamas with such important qualities.


In my opinion, No Added Sugar are by far the coolest children’s brand in the country, if you want your child to stand out from the crowd then look no further. Pretty pricey though, so I would probably wait for end of season sales, and the sizes are quite small so always go a size up so you can get plenty of wear out of it. They are supplying the most fabulous little outfit for Scarlett to wear, but I am yet to get a photo so I will have to update this later!

It is unknown yet which publications will publish this story, and who knows what on earth it is going to say, but hopefully it will make an interesting read for someone?! And if nothing else, it’s something to hang in my downstairs loo!


4 thoughts on “Toddler Fashionistas

  1. The media people try to sensationalize everything, don’t pay attention to those haters. I feel your pain! I do like to dress my kids up every now and then. They’re like little dollies and look so cute when they were pretty dresses! Enjoy while you can till they start shopping with their friends in Primark once they’re teenagers! lol


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